Saturday, May 15, 2010


This year I set a goal for myself to TAKE more classes this year. I teach lots of classes and I LOVE it!!!! But I decided I needed to get inspired and learn some new things too. So I have been very successful so far this year. I have taken a couple photog classes and I took a book class at the quest. Then last night I took a class with Teresa Collins in Prescott.
Today (while I should have been showering and getting ready for the class I was teaching tonight) I was surfing around on the computer and ended up on Tim Holtz' blog. Low and behold - he has a class coming up locally (in Scottsdale)! I immeadiately picked up the phone and took the LAST spot in his class. I had no idea what the project was, I just knew it was a "Tim Class" and taking one of his classes was also on my list of goals this year. It's kinda funny because in the past (a few years back) I had several opportunities to take some of his classes locally and I never did.
Now I'm gonna tell you why I think it is funny. . . I grew up in a home where my parents always told me that bosses, famous people, people that you may feel inferior to in some way were "just people". The famous line from my Doodle was "they put their pants on one leg at a time, just like you do". So I grew up almost the reverse of most people, feeling almost snobbish about "those people". I remember being a waitress and refusing to wait on Tom Cruise when he came in - I just wouldn't do it. Some how I always felt that "those people" would be hard to deal with - that they would put on aires and I never wanted to deal with any of that. I sort of put poor Tim in that category. But the longer I am around all of this fun and creative paper world the more things I hear about people like Tim Holtz, Teresa Collins, Ali Edwards that makes me WANT to meet them. I hear about their sencerity, humor and generousity. Of course I already realized their talents - now it time to see more.

So here I sit - all signed up for a "Tim Class" and I am very excited to attend! BTW - I did find out AFTER I signed up what the class project was going to be
"A very special one of a kind project..The Artful Curio...
a wonderful wooden curio cabinet filled with compartments and niches to create numerous collage and assemblage pieces all covered with hinged glass door"
(description is straight off of their website)

So we are almost to the halfway point in 2010 - how are you doing on attaining the goals you set for this year??? It's not to late to get started!!!

Have a GREAT weekend friends

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