Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What a FUN Surprise!

Look at what got delivered to our house yesterday

What a FUN treat on a Tuesday! Our neighbors sent it to us with a really sweet note thanking us for "all we do for the" and saying what "great neighbors" we are.
It is really kinda funny because we used to worry all of the time that they would not like us. Those of you that know me, I rarely worry about that kind of stuff. But these poor people live right next door to us and our dogs bark at their dogs and Zsa Zsa hangs from the top of our ajoining fence and stares over into their yard (mind you our fence is over 9feet high!) They have twins that were born prematurely and the twins' bedroom window faces the back yard - right where our barking dogs are! Well the twins are 18months now and have managed to sleep okay. And Mom & Dad apparently still like us.
I walked over to thank them for the basket yesterday and told them I really did not know what all we do for them. She assured me it was alot, between watching the twins a few times when they were in a pinch, helping when their dog had a seizure and taking their family photos for them. To me all of these things are just what neighbors do for each other.
When I was growing up neighbors were just "unrelated" family. You borrowed a cup of milk or sugar from them, you watched out for each others kids, you took care of each others animals when you went on trips and just helped out where ever you could. No one kept score, it all just worked it's self out eventually.
Maybe those days are gone for good? I sure hope not! I personally would have no problem asking for help from one of my new neighbors if I needed it. And I certainly would never mind helping if I could. So what's it like in your neighborhood? Do you know your neighbors?
Have a great humpday today and remember to smile and wave at all of your "unrelated" family today!

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