Tuesday, October 21, 2008

WOW! It's been a long time!

I have just been so busy I have not taken the time to sit down and write on my blog! But today I swore I would do it before I went to bed. So, what has been going on that has kept me away so long you ask????? Let's see. . .
I have been cutting paper and preparing kits for my classes. That takes alot of time. Of course I also taught on Saturday. Fun class! I wish you all could have been there. I was teaching the Playtimes Past Accordion book. Everyone's book turned out adorable! Of course it was made with one of my favorite new paper companies, Graphic 45. I just love everything about their lines of papers!
Gary is doing that new work-out routine called P90X. It is HIS work-out, but it has become a work-out for me as well, trying to prepare and shop for all of his "special" dietary needs!
I have been shopping and preparing for Christmas as well. It is my goal to be completely done shopping by Thanksgiving Day! I am proud to announce I am on my way to obtaining that goal. It feels so good!
I have also been working on learning more about my camera. It is fun and a chore all at the same time. I have had some success with it but even more failures! I guess that is the only way to learn though?
Last Tuesday was my oldest daughter, Bryanna's birthday. She turned 26!!!!!! How on earth did that happen? She kept saying she didn't want to celebrate her birthday, that she felt old. Poor baby, what does she know about being old? If she is getting old I want to know what is happening to me!
Speaking of getting old. . . remember a couple of weeks ago I told you that I had become the proud owner of my 1st pair of bi-focals? Well, I took them back. They drove me INSANE!!!! So now I am the proud owner of TWO pairs of glasses. But never fear - I am going to stay in that "old lady" category even without them. I am on the look out for some super cool chains for my glasses.
Still, in that "old lady" vein, I have been busy with my adorable granddaughter. Man, is she smart, sweet and cute! Bryanna took Friday off before her birthday and us three girls had a day together. We took Monkey to the new children's museum downtown. That was very fun. Monkey just loved it!!! Then we went out for Mexican food and did a little shopping. Then we went out for ice cream and then back to their house to just hang out and play. It was a really great day.
The next day Bryanna's office had a party at a local pumpkin patch and they took Monkey with them. I was really jealous cuz I wanted to go too. But I made them promise to take lots of pictures for me. Below are a few of what they took for me. I put together a little collage for Bryanna to use as her screen saver at work. Of course it is now my screen saver too.
So, thati s pretty much what has been keeping me busy lately. I hope you all are having a great time and enjoying the change of seasons!

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Penny said...

Hi Marta... LOVE the collage!! I can't believe how fast she is growing! Good to hear things are going well with you. I will try to email you tomorrow!!