Thursday, October 23, 2008

Super Cool Day!!!!

WOW! What a great Wednesday I had today! Makes me very thankful and will make laying my head down on my pillow tonight easy (which I am going to do right after this!).

Lizzy was unexpectedly home ALL day today! That just never ever happens. Mom had things to do in town, so it was just Lizzy, Monkey and myself around the house today. The thing I hate most about my girls growing up is them not being around all of time. I really miss just hanging out with them doing nothing but just talking and laughing. So to have her home all day was just short of heaven for me.

She decided she would be cooking dinner tonight for the family (and Richard) and she picked the menu. She had picked up some recipe cards this weekend while she was out with her sister and wanted to give them a try. One of them was a chili & cornbread bake. Instead of using the recipe, she used the idea and made my chili and cornbread and put them together. Once Monkey went down for her nap I taught her how to make my homemade chili, and we got it slow cooking. Then she ran out and got us pizza for lunch - yum!

Her and I sat on the couch eating pizza and watching "What Not To Wear" and reading the new issue of Martha Stewart Living while Monkey took a good, long nap. Once she woke up we juat had too much fun playing with her. She was super lovey today - lots and lots of hugs and kisses! She was just overflowing with them today - so much so that she was kissing the photos of us! It was just sweeter than sweet. Then when her Mommy came to pick her up it was time for group hugs (you should see a 14 month old instigate a group hug!) and of course lots of loving for that Grandpa of hers when he got home too.

Soon enough Bryanna and Monkey were on their way home and it was time for Lizzy to finish up dinner (with a little guidance firn me). She got it all in the oven and started on another her new recipe cards for and old fashioned apple crisp. She had a little "creative opportunity" while making this (that is code for a mistake) but it still turned out good. While she was cooking I found myself looking around the room and realizing what a lucky woman I am! There was my handsome and wonderful husband across the room on the couch, chiming in every once in awhile. Lizzy's boyfriend, Richard was sitting at the kitchen table being very engaged as he visited with us and worked on Lizzy's laptop. My Mom was sitting at the island with me trying to keep up with the fast paced bantor that was flying around and of course there was Lizzy in the kitchen cooking. The only thing that could have possibly made this evening any better, would have been to have had Bryanna & Darwin & Monkey here with us. How blessed I am!

We all piled into the nice dining room for food and laughs - and trust me there is always plenty of that when Liz is at the table! Ever since she was a little girl it was as if the dinner table was her own personal stage to perform at! I just ate it up - the food and the fun.

I know all of this sounds so simple, but these are the things that fuel me. The things that make me just feel alive and well. I hope you had a day (simple or extravegant) that fueled you and just made you smile!
Take care friends!

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