Thursday, October 9, 2008

Busy Busy Day!

Today was a Busy, Busy day at the Gladden Casa!
Lizzy had the whole day off today from School and work - that never happens! Anyhoo, she had made me promise that I would get up early this morning and teach her how to make baked apples and my granny's applesauce cake. Being the good Mom that I am, I of course said yes, and then kept my word. I was actually up way before her! We managed to get the applesaue cake done (she wanted it cupcake style) 1st. They were delicious!!!! Then we tackled the baked apples. Somehow in the move I lost my handy dandy apple corer, but we still managed to get a couple of pans of them done. I have to admit she did a great job - they looked lovely! She has never really done any "home-made" cooking, but she does love to make a cake mix! I was very proud of how well she did and how well she followed directions.

Don't these look yummy! I wish I had gotten a picture of them after they were baked tonight, but the were scarfed up the minute they came out of the oven! (if you want the recipe just email me and I will send it along)
Along with helping her bake this morning I promised her also that I would make a big dinner, all of her choosing tonight since she would be home (and boyfriend was coming over), So I made a HUGE dinner! Roast with mashed taters and mushroom gravy, fresh green beans, broccoli, and corn! I think I had every pot in the house dirty today. We even ate in the fancy dinning room. I love eating in there. That was one thing that was a must for me when we bought the new house.
Once I got the kitchen all cleaned up this morning and got Monkey down for her nap I tried to get some things accomplished that really need to get done. But that is not always easy when Lizzy is home. And that is just fine with me - I miss having her underfoot all of the time.
When Monkey got up Lizzy made her this nifty "car" and drug her all through the house for about an hour! Monkey loved it - she loves playing with Liz! It is probably because Liz is nothing more than a big kid herself.
Once dinner and dessert was over and everyone had retired to their specific "zones" in the house I got busy again. This time I got busy working on my kits for my upcoming "Playtimes Past" class. For those of you that have taken my classes, here is a glimpse at what I do to put the kits together for you. . .
All of these stacks of "stuff" will eventually be cut up, bagged up and become a kit that then becomes a treasured book once it gets into your hands!

The 2 photos above are of my dinning room (after dinner) and all of my class stuff sorted out all over. I love this big table and my built in buffet. They are perfect for sorting out supplies! Between these 2 spots are 25 kits in the making! This particular book is quite paper intensive and I am really looking forward to cutting all of that paper (insert sarchasim here). Just to give you an idea of what all goes into putting together this many kits. . .
Cut 50 pieces of book board (with a knife)
Cut 25 more chipboard covers and 50 chipboard spines
Cut 100 pieces of tyvek tape
Count out 25 latches, 300 black mini brads, 50 buttons, 100 pop dots, 25 sets of magnets
Then there is the paper to cut -
163 sheets of 12x12 papers!
25 sheets of 19x25 art paper
and some various other cuts of paper.
Oh, and how about punching out all of those tags from the tag sheets. And of course there 75 Sizzix frames to cut out and a few other things that need to be taken care of.
Once everything is cut and counted it gets to be time for all of the different sized bagies and the packaging up of all of the kits. WHEW! It sure is a lot of work, but so totally worth it! I really love teaching these classes at CQ!
Well, tomorrow is yet another busy day! It will be just Monkey and I here together tomorrow. so I better clean up and get to bed. Can't be off your game with a 14month old running around!!!!
I hope you all had a busy but fun day today and that Thursday will be just as nice for you!
Talk to you all soon!


Penny said...

What a fun day you all had! I'm sure Lizzy misses spending time with you, too!! And who wouldn't love having Lizzy for an aunt!! Lots of FUN there!!

Love seeing all the papers... makes me long for books. Maybe this winter when I can't get out and shoot as much I can get back into books?!?

Good to hear all is well with you!! Give LMV XoXo for me!! Thanks for all the kind words on my photos!!

elisabeth said...

can you i please have the recipe for the baked apples
thanks elisabeth

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