Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Everything is Just Peachey!!!!

Hello friends - I am still around - just been busy and preoccupied! But I wanted to make just a quick post this morning as I start yet another busy day! I thought I'd show you a cute picture of Monkey that I took yesterday afternoon. I was on the phone and she was just wandering around playing, when I spied her walking past with this huge peach. She had found it on the counter where we keep the fresh fruit and just decided to help herself. This is something she has never done before. She has also never had a whole piece of fruit before - we usually cut it up for her. But she ate the whole darned thing just as it was. Later in the day we were all busy talking and we weren't paying enough attention to her and she grabbed yet another big peach! She only managed to get half of that one eaten before Grandpa took it away from her! He couldn't stand the juicey mess she was making with it. Funny how messes never bothered him when our kids were growing up!
Anyhoo. . . I hope you all are having a peachey day! I'll be back soon.

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