Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Thinking About Doodle

Some of you already know who Doodle is. . .Doodle is my Father, he died in 1991 and I still miss him dearly. But, as the old saying goes "time heals all wounds" and although I miss him still terribly, it no longer hurts and aches as it once did for him to be gone. But lately I have found myself thinking about him alot and specifically about a certain thing that he loved to do. In fact, just tonight at dinner Mom and I started telling stories about him to Lizzy and I said "you know what I would dearly love to hear him say just one more time?" and instantly my Mom knew what I was going to say. . .
I would LOVE to hear him do his Crazy Guggenheim impersonation! Doodle had this one bit that Craz did, that he would do over and over again. I seriously mean that a week never went by without us hearing it at least once! Oh my goodness, he did the voice and the face and the hand gestures, it always made me laugh. It was a silly little bit -
"What ya doin' Craz?"
"I aint doin' nothin', just hangin' around" followed by a ridiculous laugh.

I have found myself asking Monkey "What ya doin' Craz?" when she is acting silly. And somehow I expect her to come back with the rest of the bit. (the "What ya doin' Craz?" part was usually my part and Doodle would follow with the rest. Although he was known to just do the whole thing himself).

So tonight in an effort to satisfy this desire of mine I got online and tried to find a clip of good ol' Crazy Guggenheim. I did find a few clips but not the one that was Doodle's specialty. Even though it is not the right one, I decided to share a little "Craz" with you all tonight. It is not sophisticated humor by any means but I hope you will enjoy it for what it is.
Have a great day tomorrow. And take a few moments from your day to remember something silly about someone you love! It just feels good!!!

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