Monday, September 22, 2008

Living In A Fog!

I have been feeling very disconnected the past several days - I blame it on hormones, but who knows? I had 3 days last week without my little Monkey. I knew I would miss having her with me those days, but I assumed and planned on getting lots done during those 3 days. This is when I realized how disconnected I really am. I would start one project or task and find myself unable to focus, so I would move on to the next task. I would soon find myself moving onto yet another, and then another. Leaving a trail of unfinished projects and a mess behind me! That is one of the most frustrating feelings ever! I did manage to get out and get my hair cut and take about 100 bad photos during those 3 days!
Friday evening I went out with a couple of girlfriends. This is something I have not done in several years! It really was fun to just hang out with the girls and talk and laugh. One of my friends was a BIG hit with our waitress. It appears she (the waitress) was wanting to have a threesome with one of my friends and her (the waitress) boyfriend! YUCK!!!!! But what the heck, it gave us even more to laugh about while we were out. We all live in the same community and had just gotten an alert the day before that we have a child sex offender in our neighborhood. So, once we left the grille we went on a little covert mission. The alert came with the offender's picture and address so we went and found his house. Surprise of all surprises he lives right by the school and had a white panel van in his drive with no side or rear windows! We were all surprised that he lived so close to the school - we all thought there was some law against that?
Saturday I woke up and felt the fog clearing and thought "TODAY I will get some things accomplished". I was going to work on some Christmas presents I am making. Instead I ended up having a lengthy conversation with my youngest. After that conversation I felt the fog moving back in. Maybe a shower would help? Nope. I did finally manage to get a little bit done on one of my Christmas presents, then I ran out of some of my supplies. So I did a little more cleaning and organizing in my studio. Maybe someday I will finish in here and post some photos?
Sunday finally rolls around and this is the day we are celebrating my Mother's 73rd birthday (her actual Bday was on Thursday). She requested spaghetti for dinner. Kind of a boring Bday dinner so I decided to perk t up a bit by setting the dinning room table with my good china and goldware, even Monkey got a place setting of the "good" stuff. The table looked beautiful, the spaghetti, salad and homemade cherry pie were all ready for evryone to arrive and enjoy. As you can see in the photo below Monkey really enjoyed her spaghetti! She did really well with the good dishes too, I am happy to announce that I still have a full set and nothing but a few noodles ended up on the floor.

We got to keep Monkey overnight Sunday - I love a sleepover with her! Unfortunately all of the spaghetti and garlic toast gave her a tummy ache and she was up at 3am! After a little lovin' and some gas drops she was ready to go back to bed until Grandpa got up for work. I am NOT a morning person but he is, so he always gets up in the morning with her when she sleeps over. He truly enjoys their alone time together.

Once I got up I got started on fixing up this vintage doll highchair I bout her at a flea market in San Diego a few months back. I was feeling pretty good about actually finishing this project! I had gotten Bryanna's Madame Alexander doll down for Monkey to play with on Sunday night and now she had a highchair to put her in.

This dolly is in desperate need of a new dress! But I guess it doesn't look too bad after 20+ years!

She looks very sweet and maternal here in this picture, but trust me that's not the case at all! Poor dolly was drug across the floor by her arm, her leg and by the hem of her dress most of the time. The rest of the time there was some tossing and throwing of poor dolly. Bryanna has decided after seeing this that Monkey is NOT ready to have another baby in the house!

I was on a roll today!!!!!! After getting the highchair finished, and while Monkey napped I made this super cute door hanger. Everyone in our house uses the door from the garage to come into the house. That door is super noisey and slams on it's own when you come in. And of course it is right down the hall from where Monkey naps. So when anyone comes in (and doesn't take the time to hold the door until it closes softly) the noise wakes her up . Used to be when I heard someone approaching the door I would run like crazy to warn them that she was napping. Then I hung a recycled flyer bag on the door with a note that said "Baby Sleeping". That bag has now seen better days and quite frankly never was that attractive! So I had this plain, wooden door hanger and these cute little mouse stickers in my studio and now we have a cute door hanger to warn everyone when Monkey is sleeping.

Maybe now that I successfully completed two projects in one day, cleaned up after them made dinner and did the dishes, it means my fog is lifting? Let's hope so!!!

Side note:
It's not until you start to write a journal entry of what you've been up to for the past few days that you realize how hum-drum your life really is. Thanks for bearing with me as I rambled on.

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Penny said...

Hey there!!
OK... I'm a follower now!! How ya doing?? Feeling any better yet?

Did you tell LMV to be nice to that pretty baby? LOL!! Must be time for another video of her... esp now that she's talking! That would be cool!!

Take care...