Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I am Officially OLD!

I just wanted to let you all know this - I became painfully aware of this fact today! No, I am doing just fine without my AOL software. Here is the problem(s). . .

I got new glasses today - Bifocals!!!!! Yes, that's right, BIFOCALS! What an interesting concept - 2 glasses in one. When I manage to look through them the right way I am amazed at how well I see. I have not been able to read without a magnifying glass for a couple of years now and basically have learned how to "guess" at what I was seeing. Now things are much clearer - that is when I am looking through the rght spot at the right time. When I am not, it is as if I have a big smudge on my glasses that I cannot wipe clean. I amnot he most coordinated person so I am hoping I get better at using these soon!

So if that wasn't enough to solidify my placement in the "old age" category, I was doing some stuff online when I took a quick break to take a Dr Oz BMI (Body Mass Index) test. Of course I knew that this would be a test I could not fail and that it would only pump me up. Well, I was halfway right. Sure enough I have a low BMI. They tell me I need to gain 12lbs to get into the normal range. Then they tell me, gotta love this. . .Because you're so underwight your "real age" is much older than your chronilogical age". You have to love hearing that! Then they have a link to take another test to see what your "Real Age" is. Of course I click on the link and take the test. I answered very honestly all of the questions and then waited the 1 - 2 hours they said it would take to get back my results. When I finally got my results back I found that instead of being the almost 45 year old woman I thought I was, I am actually a 57.5 year old woman. I lost 12 years of my life during the reading of an email!

Well it is now 4am and I guess tis old girl should be in bed. If any of you want to take this Real Age test online I have the link for you HERE. Good luck! I hope you all do better than I did. My 72 year old Mother and my 44 year old husband took the test too. I can't wait to hear what their ages actually are. I just hope my Mother does not end up being "younger" than me!!!!
Good night friends!

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Penny said...

Hello Marta! Always remember... you're only as old as you feel you are! Of course, some days we're all ANCIENT!! Hope you've gotten used to the new glasses. Are you having withdrawal from AOL?? I have to say... WHERE ARE THE PHOTOS??? I need my "adorable baby girl" fix!LOL! Hope all is well with you!