Sunday, January 17, 2016

Little Church Binder Tutorial

Hey friends I wanted to try to do a little photo tutorial on how to make the little Church Binder Covers for those of you that emailed me for the pattern. So let's see how well I do with this. . . 

This is the cover we will be "making" today. Please excuse my photos as I didn't take time to edit them and make them "pretty"

Here are the materials you will need:

Fabrics -
Cover - 17¾" x 11" 
Lining  - 17¾" x 11"
Inside Flaps -2@ 13½" x 11"
Inside Pockets - 2@ 9½" x 7¼"
Handles - 2@ 4" x 14"
Closure Flap - 5½" x 4"

Other -
Heavy Iron-on Interfacing -1@ 16" x 9¼", 2@ 6" x 9¼"
2" of ½" Sew-in Velcro
Fusible Hem tape (for cheaters)
A-5 Binder (Half Size Binder holds 5.5x8.5 paper)

 This is the Cover fabric which is -17¾" x 11"  - although I cheated and made my cover put of 3 pieces of fabric so I could have a contrasting spine or bottom. Just make sure your finished measurements are 17¾" x 11" 

 ·         Iron Interfacing to wrong side of Cover fabric - set aside

 ·         Fold/press Inside Flaps fabric in half wrong sides together (folded size 6¾ x 11)
·         Iron Interfacing to wrong side of Inside Flaps (inside the folds, having interfacing against folded edge and centered top/bottom) See photo above

This is what your Inside Flaps will look like when you are done

·         Fold/press the right raw edge of one Inside Pockets over ¼" towards the back having the original fold at the top do the same on the next Inside Pocket only fold over the left raw edge. (the pocket with the folded right edge will go on the left of your finished cover and the pocket with the left folded raw edge will go on the right of your finished cover)

·         Lay each of the Inside Pocket pieces on top of each of the Inside Flap pieces matching the side folds and the bottom edges
·         Lay each of the Inside Pocket pieces on top of each of the Inside Flap pieces matching the side folds and the bottom edges
NOTE: this picture shows the flaps/pockets laying on top of the lining fabric - don't sew the flaps to the lining yet.

·         On the right Pocket/Flap piece you can sew vertical lines through pocket portion to add pen holders (I do mine 1" apart giving me 6 pockets which are big enough for 2 standard pens or one large marker)
·         Lay the finished Pocket/Flap pieces on the Lining piece matching raw edges there will be a 4¼" blank space between the folded edges of the flaps (the lining is the black/cherry fabric in the center here)
·         Sew flaps to Lining with ¼" seam 

DO NOT sew down the inside edges of the flaps! Sew only around the 4 raw edges of the lining you need the flaps open to place your binder in there! See above picture
·         Set Lining aside 

 ·         Fold/press each Handle Fabric in half lengthwise (2"x14"), open up and press both sides toward inner fold line. Then fold in half on original fold line again and press. You should now have 2 handles that are 1"x14".
·         Top stitch ¼" from edges on each Handle

·         Fold/press ¼" up on bottom edge of Closure Flap fabric then fold/press in half lengthwise. Sew up sides and across top edge with ¼" seam. Clip corners and turn right side out
·         Top stitch ¼" from edges on Closure Flap.

These are the pieces you should have now - 
Your lining with the flaps and pockets attached,
 your cover fabric with interfacing iron to the wrong side,
 2 handles and 1 closure flap top stitched. 
You are already to put this all together!!!

·         Attach Handles and Closure Flap to right-side of Cover fabric. Place Closure Flap at center of one short edge of Cover approx 1½" from raw edge having raw edge of Closure Flap facing raw edge of Cover. Place Handles with ends facing toward raw edge of Cover approx 2" from raw edge and 2" away from each side of Closure Flap. Place second set of Handles on other short edge of cover with the same placement.
·         Attach stiff half of Velcro between the second set of Handles to match the placement on the Closure Flap. NOTE: You see I have added the soft side of the velcro to the closure in this picture - don't do that. Sew it in once you are all finished so you can match up your velcro better!
·         Pin the Handles and Flap to the Cover to keep them out of the way while sewing the Lining to the Cover.

Place the Lining on top of the Cover right-sides together. Pin together 

 leaving a space on short edge that has the Closure Flap for turning. You can see in the photo above I have 2 vertical pins with 1 horizontal pin between them. This lets me know where to start and stop sewing so that I don't accidentally sew the whole thing shut!

stitch lining and cover together with a ½" seam

 Clip corners and trim away some of the thickness 

 Stick your hand in that hole you left and pull it right-side out. Be careful - there are pins in there!!!

Yes, it will look like this balled up mess!!! Just take your time straightening it out.

Pick your corners with a pin to get them nice and sharp and press 

·         Now you can either slip-stitch the opening closed OR you can cheat like me and use fusible hem tape and your iron to close it up

·         Pull your handles and Closure Flap up and pin them in place

·         Top stitch ¼" from edge all the way around catching your Handles and Closure Flap up in that stitching  

·         Add your soft velcro to the closure flap. Embellish your Handles and Flap with buttons
·         You are now finished and ready to add your binder to your pretty purse!

The Front

The Inside with binder

The Spine/Bottom

The Back

I hope this made sense and that you will enjoy making your own little Binder Covers!
Hey you can also leave off the handles for a less "cutsie" clutch style - see picture below

Have a great day!!! Till we meet again!

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