Friday, January 15, 2016

A few more Doodles for you. . .

This is my last one from our FREEDOM sermon series at church. What a great series it was!
If you would like to hear it for yourself you can find it here
This one is just for ME - My Baby Girl Liz is having a BABY!!!!
Her first and my 3rd Grandbaby!!!

This is from Our New Year's Sermon - Pastor Ray Davis told a funny story in church about a box of manure - well that story pretty much sums up what 2015 was for me and my family. We had plenty of "manure" but we also got the pony!!!! 

My daughter posted on her FB page on New Years Eve about how horrible 2015 was for her and that she was hoping for a better 2016. I wanted share my response to her post with you all and I hope it will help some of you that have had a tough year as well. It will show you both the manure and the pony - but please, like me, focus on the PONY! 

"My poor Baby - it has been a difficult year for sure! But I want to share something with you and anybody else who reads this.Until today I thought the same as you - 2015 sucked! But then as I was having my prayer time today I realized how wonderful 2015 really was! "WHAT??? " That's right - this year we had one VICTORY after another!!!! What looked like it would break us DID NOT! What looked like it would take our precious Vittoria DID NOT! When we thought we would not find lodging in Ca for the summer, we found something safe, comfortable and convenient! When we left PCH and started with new Doctors we found ones that sent us to the BEST place and there we found a Doctor willing to get on his knees and pray with Vittoria and us! You even ended up with a 10lb dog before you knew you would need one! When we thought the hospital bills would overtake you, we saw friends and strangers alike come to your aid! This year we got to celebrate Christmas with my Mom again! This year we found out that Lizzy would be bringing a new baby to our family to love! 2015 has most definetely had some of the worst moments ever but it also had some of our most triumphal moments! This year I saw God come to our rescue time and time again in ways so powerful I could never imagine them! This year I saw the devil get his butt kicked so hard and he deserved every bit of it! This year I saw Romans 8:28 (And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose) play out in our lives. And I am believing that soon we will see the fruit of Genesis 50:20 (You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.). As Vittoria's story and our testimony will save many spiritually! Lastly I have seen a young woman face her worst fears and do every moment of it with grace and dignity and courage!!! YOU my daughter are a ROCK and I hope to have your strength and beauty someday! Happy New Year to you my love and to ALL of our FB friends! May you all be blessed this year and know WHO it is that gives each and every blessing!" I know this was SUPER LONG but I just wanted to share! 

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