Saturday, January 23, 2016

Are You Ready For Another One?

 This was a statement my pastor made during last week's "Reboot - Emotionally" sermon that prompted the last card I posted. I wanted to somehow get this statement on the last card but I just couldn't. I figure it deserves it's very own card in my journal. 
The last two sermon series Pastor Ray has done (Freedom - the book of Galatians and now Reboot - Restore to Original Settings) have been AMAZING!!! I feel as though most Sundays God is speaking directly to me! Oh wait. . .Braveheart - a study of the book of Judges was awesome too. I guess I am just really lucky to have found such a great church home with a pastor that actually teaches from the Bible! I hope you are just as blessed as I am in your church home!

*I tried a new (for me) letter style on this one and a new pen. I used the Tombow Fudenosuke soft Brush Pen on the "Tasted". I liked it, but It got a little thick in parts - I am so used to using a Micron 05 for this

This next one is from last Sunday's sermon "Reboot - Financially". So now I am all caught up on my sermon cards. . . until Sunday that is! I hope you are enjoying these Sermon Cards and I hope you are hearing God's voice through them - that is the whole reason I am sharing them!

On a side note: I was almost finished with this one tonight when I choked with a mouthful of Pepsi - I thought I could turn my head quick enough - but NOPE!!! ALL over my card!!! Well,I know now that microns really are water ( & Pepsi) proof! 
Have a great weekend! I am taking my first lettering class Saturday - a calligraphy class. I am super excited to learn some new skills and techniques!

till we meet again. . . 

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