Thursday, June 27, 2013

One Man's JUNK is This Girl's ART. . .

That's right! It seems these days I am always searching for junk to make art out of. This week the junk came to me! Monday morning, bright and early I got a call from my bug man (I love this guy!) telling me to meet him at the door in 5 minutes (it was not our scheduled day). When he arrived he handed me two bags of really COOL JUNK (pictured below)! He really likes the last couple of pieces I have done and said he would start a "Marta Bag" in his house to collect some random stuff for me.

Then on Tuesday I had another "playdate" with Deborah and we played with some more JUNK, some that I had brought with me and some that she had collected. I brought this motherboard with me from my deceased PC and we took a shot at dismantling it. WE didn't get everything off but we did manage to get the fan, the processor and one of the heat thingies off (Richard told me what it was called last night but I forget now). The heat thingy was so cool looking and I told Deborah that it looked like flames - next thing I know she has her jewelers saw out and is slicing it into pieces for me. As she handed me the pieces I started lining them up and then added some wine corks to the "display" and asked her "what do you think this is?". She wasn't sure and that was when I told her it was my mixed media version of the Bible story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abendego - do you remember those guys? They got thrown into the fiery furnace and didn't get burned. As you will see later on that started a whole 'nother set of nonsense.
Next on our JUNK adventure was dismantling a blender that Deborah rescued from her son's trash while she helped him pack last week. I never knew there was such fun stuff inside of a blender! Be watching for some of these parts to show up in some art pieces soon. Some of that pretty red wire might be showing up in some of Deborah's jewelery too! We had to take a hammer to the body at one point to free some of that lovely JUNK - I am sure her neighbors loved us out there bashing the heck out of it with a hammer at 11:30 at night!

Just to let you know it was after 1:30am when all of this stuff happened - we were getting a little "too happy". We were just looking at some of the treasured JUNK we had freed that night, when something happened and we ended up making this little "Man". First he just had arms and legs and was standing by the "fire". Then he got some "guns" and a heart (he was a cowboy, that's why he got the guns). Next came some cool "glasses" (he was a vision impaired cowboy). Then he lost his heart and got a "rope" made from guitar strings. I don't think I have ever seen Deborah laugh so hard - our little guy made his way to social media that night when Deborah posted him on Facebook! Our little guy even got 6 "likes and a couple of comments! 

Well I didn't leave there until 3:00am and it is about an hours drive home. But somehow I had the creative juices still flowing I guess and I got my sample made for my July Mixed Media Fridays w/ Marta done yesterday (okay it was actually around 3:00am this morning!). The sample will be in the store on Saturday if you want to take a closer look.
I hope you will join us  - we are going to be learning a little bit about color blending and texture in this class. And you will go home with this super cool 4"x12" canvas to hang on your own Art studio/space wall.
The class will be on Friday, July 19th from Noon - 3:00pm. You can check out the classes tab for all of the details.
Well, with all of my "JUNK" play and painting this week my house is a wreck! I should probably get off the computer and go clean - YUCK!
I hope you all are having a fantastic week!
till we meet again. . .

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