Saturday, June 8, 2013

Inspiration, Friends & Snow

Can you believe I have been away for a whole week? It has been busy around here!
Here's a little bit of what I have been up too. . .
I had a play date (that is what Monkey calls it) with my friend Deborah this week. I love hanging out with her! We have way too much fun. Our fun typically involves some crafting of some sort, lots of gabbing, and of course some food.
 Each time I go to her house I get stopped at this light and am forced to stare at this fence that is next to the overpass. I am not sure why, but I love this - it really inspires me to want to work on some art! But by the time I get home I have forgotten about the fence. So this time as I sat at the light I pulled out my camera and took some pictures. So don't be surprised if something similar shows up on a project soon!
 Our crafting projects this day ran the gammet of making springs out of guitar strings, dismantling guitar parts for mixed media projects and jewelry making.
I think she has created a new monster in me! Yesterday I made all of these bracelets! Well, not all of them - the last one on the right was the one I made at her house on Wednesday. Just what I need - another hobby!
I really don't wear jewelry - but I do wear bracelets - but I only have a couple. Now I have several and can really spruce up my new wardrobe! I am not really a "clothes person" either. It is hard to find clothes that fit me and since I quit working (in 1999) I have just given up on buying myself stuff to just stay home crafting and cleaning in. But this spring I just decided I was "worth" shopping for and bought myself a whole new wardrobe. It is so fun to get dressed now - and now I have fun new bracelets to go with my fun new clothes!
 Christmas in July!!!!
Each summer I do a "Christmas in July" class and I just finished my sample for this year's "CIJ" I hope you will like it. It is called "Silent Night" and you can sign up starting this weekend by calling The Occasional Artist.
This was a hard project to photograph but you can see it in person at the store this week. It is a backward canvas full of shimmering papers, glitter, rhinestones and pearls. Even though it is all black, white and silver I think it just screams Christmas!
I love how the light glows from the little windows during this snowy night as Santa and his reindeer fly through the sky.

So this is a little peek at what I have been up to this week. I hope you have been having a great time and have been staying cool - can you believe it was 112 today!!!
Have a great weekend 
till wee meet again. . . .

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