Thursday, May 9, 2013

It's Official. . .

My Baby Girl is an ASU Graduate!
It's late and we just got home but I wanted to post a few pictures
I am chronically late for everything (except my classes) but I was not going to be late to Lizzy's graduation! So I made sure everyone in my house was in the car by 4pm to drive the 50 miles in rush hour traffic to the other side of town. We made it in great time - early not late.
The doors open at 6:30 and graduation starts at 7:30. At 6pm we hear from Liz that she is still 30 miles away (did I mention it is rush hour)!!!! I had visions of all of us sitting through my daughter's graduation with out her being there!
Everyone was starting to stress so I removed myself and said a little prayer and God is good - she got there, safe and on time!
 So this is our group waiting and hoping we would see Liz walk across the stage

You can't see her, but in the last row of those white chairs sits my daughter. At this moment everyone was able to really relax and enjoy the night.
She even had time to run up to our seats and give us her sunglasses to hold for her. I was so thrilled I jumped over everyone and ran to her for a pre-graduation hug and kiss. I tried to take a picture and my camera froze and she is telling me she needs to hurry back to her seat. Just as luck would have it she scratches the side of her nose right as my camera decides to shoot! No time for another shot - but I didn't care, I got to hug my baby!
Once things got started it was too dark to get a picture of her receiving her diploma on stage, so I just sat back and soaked it all in.
This is the whole group outside after the ceremony - God bless the kindness of strangers so that we could get this picture of all of us!
Of course this is Lizzy with her proud parents!
 Ya gotta love sisters!!!!
This pose of Lizzys is making fun of how I was standing in the photo above.
 Add in the Brother-in-law and the picture gets a little more dignified

 And a sweet picture with Lizzy and her Grandmas
 Last but definitely not least - Lizzy and her Man Richard
 And one last picture without the gown so we can see her new dress.
This last one I stole off of Lizzy's FB wall. Lizzy is in the center
 Thanks for sharing my joy with me
till we meet again. . .

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