Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Disney and More. . .

Just thought I'd share a little more about our trip with you all tonight.
First off I have to tell you how thankful I am that we all got home safely from our trip. Lizzy & Richard opted to stay until Sunday even though the rest of us came home on Thursday. About 5pm on Sunday evening I get a call from Lizzy, she and Richard had just been in a terrible accident! The car was totaled, all of the air bags deployed and the axle snapped in two on Richard's BMW! They had been hit by a car they never saw - literally, it was a hit and run! They were pushed off of the I-10 about 19th ave (thank God it happened in Phx!) and with no power to the car and no ability to steer (because of the snapped axle) they sailed down the off ramp barely missing the gore! Thankfully they were not hurt at all - just stiff and sore and headachey. God is so good - if they had been in Lizzy's Civic I think this would not have turned out as well!
Okay - now some trip highlights. . .
Since our trip was Lizzy's graduation present I let her pick something "special" for us to do at Disneyland. She picked the "Walk in Walt's Footstep" tour. We didn't all go - it was just under $100 per person and was 3 hours long. I knew that Monkey and Bug would never hang for that and so Gary stayed at the hotel pool with the girls while I headed out with the "BIG" kids for the tour.
 We had to be there early, before the park even opened and as you can see in the picture above it was already super hot and bright out. It ended up being 102 degrees with 80% humidity that day - it was nasty HOT!!!!
 As part of the tour we got to go into the famous Club 33. Lizzy and Richard have actually gotten to eat there. They have made friends with some members so they have been invited a few times. And of course they always take their friends up on the invitation!
 We also got to go "backstage" and then up to Walt's personal apartment that he kept at the park. It really wasn't a big "WOW" for me, but the man behind me whispered to me as we walked up the stairs "It's like seeing the holy grail". He is certainly a bigger Disney fan than I will ever be!
 After the tour they had a nice lunch for us and we each got a limited edition Walk in Walt's Footsteps tour pin. It is a really nice pin and of course it made me want to start collecting Disney trading pins (which I did). It was a nice tour and the kids really enjoyed it.
I also wanted to let you know that if you don't have big holiday plans for this weekend there are still 2 spots left in my Antiquities Art Journal class this Saturday. Just call the store I you are interested.
Well , it's getting late and I still have a list of "to-do's" to do
till we meet again. . .

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