Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Creativity is Running Rampid in my Family!

I just thought I'd pop in today and share with you all of the FUN projects that have been going on in my house this past week or so. It seems that I am not the only one feeling creative these days.
This is my Lizzy working on wedding shower invites for a girlfriend. Lizzy is in the wedding and had to volunteer to help out with putting the shower together. She chose to do the invites (because she knew her Mom was a paper hoarder). She had to make 30 invites that day. Her time is limited so I got everything all cut and ready for her and she and one of the other bridesmaids sat at my kitchen counter or about 4 hours putting them all together.
I really think they turned out nice and the girls really seemed to have fun while they worked on them.
 Then the other day Liz called to see if I would help her decorate her cap for graduation. So the two of us ran out to Joann's and bought ALL the black & red rhinestones they had and then came back and got working.
 I used the cricut to cut out the mickey head and the apple and she traced them on the cap and then one by one glued each of those rhinestones on! It took a couple of hours but she did a great job!
 Look at how stinkin' cute it turned out!
 Friday Bryanna and the Girls went with me to Joann's so I could get supplies for my travel book I wanted to make. While we were there we got these Disney shirts that you color in yourself. This weekend the girls both colored their shirts. Monkey did her's all by herself! She is getting so good at staying in the lines and picking colors!
 Bug did a lot her's too but her Mommy had to help her out a little. They are gonna look so cute in their night shirts while we are on vacation!
 While the Girls were busy coloring their shirts and I was busy with my travel journal, Gary was working in the garage on another cornhole game he sold. He custom makes these games for people and hand paints the logos and everything! This one is for a Bike Club (this is the first non-sports one he has made). He makes 2 boards for each game - usually they are 2 different teams but this time they were exactly the same.
 It took him 2 full days to get them done but they turned out fantastic! He was not super excited about me taking his picture as he worked!
 As many of you know Lizzy is graduating tomorrow from ASU and we are having a grad party for her on Friday (the night before we leave on our trip) One of my jobs was to make signs for the food table. We are having a hot dog bar, a popcorn bar and a root beer float station. The party theme is of course Disney, with ASU colors.
 So ya gotta love the dollar bin at Target or little white buckets, the cricut machine for mickey heads and left over Disney stickers. I even had the right colors of curling ribbon in my stash!
 This is the Travel journal for our Disney trip this coming week. Ya know I HAVE to have a travel journal! This is a line of Disney paper I had not seen before it is very cute. It's a little bit retro and has some glitter on it (I am not a glitter fan but Lizzy LOVES glitter!). I hand made the book and added a 3 ring binder mechanism (that I yanked out of an old binder).
  Each day has a black chipboard divider page with an index tab on the edge
 The front has a vellum pocket (thanks Cherry for the pockets!) that I embellished and has a pull out journal card for me to write on each night.
The back side of the dividers are just embellished and ready for some memorabilia that we will collect along the way. On the backs of the dividers for the days we will actually be at Disney there is a bigger embellished pocket to keep maps etc in.   
After each divider are a couple of pages (I did not photograph all of them) to put more of our treasures on. It is the same layout throughout the book so I am just adding small pictures of all of the pages here for you to see.
I must say that I think I really like the traditional black/red/yellow Disney color scheme better, but this turned out kinda cute and it is different than all of the other Disney travel books I have in my collection!
I hope you have enjoyed seeing all of the creativity that is happening around here. I probably wont be adding much else on the blog until after we get back home. I hope you all have a Fantastic 2 weeks!
till we meet again. . .

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