Friday, March 29, 2013

Just Busy Having FUN!!!

I have been busy having FUN this week - actually since last Friday.
Here's a taste of what I have been up to. . .
Friday & Saturday
 I went to the Beth Moore Conference last Friday and Saturday - and ran into Deera a gal that took a couple of my classes - what a surprise to see her in a group of 5000 women!
 This is Deborah in her pretty pink smock from the conference. Thanks for bringing me along - what a great time!
 This is Deborah and me at Rudy's BBQ in Chandler - after a fun day of shopping in Mesa together
 Good Eats! Brisket & ribs - YUM!
 Grad fair at ASU with Lizzy - it is getting real now!
 Inside that bag in her hands is her cap & gown! I can't wait to see her in it walking across that stage! Her cap is going to be a little different than the one shown here - she is putting Mickey Ears on hers!
 This is my baby girl ordering all of her announcements etc. After the grad fair we headed out to Smash Burger - YUM! Have you been to Smash Burger? Gotta love the burgers and Rosemary/Olive Oil fries!!! A food coma ensued right after this.
 This is the 303 on the way home - I have been wanting to get pictures of how pretty the desert is right now. Not the best pictures, as you can see later I have my arm out the car window taking these at 70mph!
 The sides of the roads are just lined with yellow and purple wild flowers. So pretty now, but in the heat of the summer this will all turn to fire hazard.
 This is Lone Mountain - the road that takes me home. I love this road - I love how it winds and the landscaping and all of the beautiful mountains I get to see while I drive. This is so much nicer than when we lived in the city and saw nothing but buildings and signs as you headed home.

Thursday & Friday
 A new canvas was made. It is for a special friend and has lots of symbolism. I sure hope she likes it. We will see this weekend.
 Just some of the details for you to see
 This is it before all of the paint etc.
Not pictured above were play times with the Granddaughters - hanging out with the Hubby (he was off work from Wed to Wed) - Packing class kits - Lots of really interesting Bible study (even learned a little Hebrew this week!) - visiting with neighbors and just having a great time!
Tomorrow  is my Prayer Block class - I am really looking forward to it - it is a fun group of gals in this class. The car is all packed and ready to roll out of here in the morning.
It's Resurrection Day!!! What a wonderful day that is! I will be hanging out with my family enjoying good food and fun
 I hope your week was every bit as good as mine has been, and I wish you a very blessed weekend!
Till we meet again. . . .

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