Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Bible

Did you know tonight is the 1st episode of The History Channel's "The Bible"?
It starts at 9pm here in AZ and I have all of my TV's set to remind me.
The Bible is a 10 hour, 5-part mini series. The final episode will be aired on Easter Sunday (Mar 31)
"you can click on the photo above to see clips of The Bible"
I loved watching the "Ten Commandments" when I was a kid. It was a big family event around the TV at our house. Charlton Heston was a great Moses and I loved watching him part the red sea!
When I was a kid there were lots of big Biblical movies with big stars - many are classics now, like
The Bible
Ben Hur
The Robe
The Greatest Story Ever Told
Jesus of Nazareth
and I enjoyed watching them with my family and being able to put faces to the names I grew up reading and hearing about in church. As a kid it just made it all more "real" to me. I really hope that this new movie (mini-series) will do the same for a new generation.
Will you be tuning in to watch it?
Till we meet again. . .

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