Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Do you remember the 1965 song (I'm dating myself here - but really I was only 2 when it was released) by the Byrds called "Turn, Turn, Turn"? I loved (and still love) that song! I can remember singing it with my big sister during the summer in the pool. Anyhoo. . .my doodle/To-Do List below is loosely based on that song and of course the original version of it in Ecclesiastes 3:1-12.
I decided that this would be the year I got myself back into some sort of regular routine. I used to be so organized and I got so much accomplished each day that when I went to bed at night I felt I had done all I could. The past few years it seems I can't get anything accomplished. Okay, so that's not entirely true. But it is all or nothing with me these days. I clean like "a-house-a-fire" one day and then nothing for two weeks (gross!). I tried scheduling (I hate that word) something for each day like . . .
Monday mopping
Tuesday dusting
Wednesday. . .well you see what I mean.
Well I would get up on Monday and not feel like mopping - so I didn't. And I didn't do anything else either! Do you see where this is going? Then at night I would go to bed and beat myself because I had wasted yet another day! I hated that feeling!
So this is my new "Project List" (doesn't that sound like more fun?)
I have been at it for 2 weeks now and I am getting so much more accomplished and I feel so much better about ME when I go to bed at night! So what I did is give my self a list of "projects" to do each day (with the week-ends off of course) and gave myself a time limit.
So I only have to cook for 30 min a day,
I only have to clean something for 60min a day.
I get 2 hours each day to be creative and
I get an hour each day to study my Bible.
And 4 times a week I have to take care of business (you know, paying bills, balancing the checkbook, writing class instructions etc).
Now, if I Want To I can take more time on each of these projects. I just make myself do the yuckier ones first. I even gave myself an allotted time to wake up. I am NOT a morning person AT ALL! That is why that is #1 on my list. AND yes it is written in the right order - I can pray in bed as I start waking up. Then I can eat (who am I kidding, drink a Pepsi) once my feet are on the floor - then I can go through the rest of the motions of waking up. It takes me a good hour to become human!
I purposely didn't set actual times (like wake up at 9am) for any project, just a set amount of time so I can be flexible during my day.
It's really working well for me and I find now that
"There is a Time for EVERYTHING"!

I also wanted to share with you one of my February class samples. I will be teaching this on Saturday the 16th from 2-5pm if you want to join us. It is a 9x11 canvas, only we are using the back side of the canvas instead of the front.
 It's gonna be FUN I hope you join us!

Speaking of FUN,
 if you would like a blast to the past, you can click here to listen to the Byrds sing.
Have a great day tomorrow, I will be spending part of it with a dear friend catching up after the holidays and then in the early evening I will be watching my Monkey in her first cheerleading performance! That's right - she'll be cheering during half time at an elementary school basketball game. She's getting sooo BIG!
Till we meet again. . .

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