Friday, June 29, 2012

Art Journaling 101

I am not sure what's going on with me these days, but my style of art is transforming. I have always been a creative person, I started out as a little girl coloring and making my own Barbie clothes. As an adult I have dabbled in sewing, I have stamped, scrapbooked, done photography, tried my hand at writing and done some altered objects and some book making. I have even done some doodling and "tangling". But in the past several weeks I have found a new creative outlet, mixed media canvases. I must say that of all of the artistic endeavors I have pursued over the years this latest one has brought me the most joy. I am not sure why that is, but it really does. I have started to realize that I cannot keep creating these canvases because I will soon run out of wall space! This has lead me to consider art journaling. It's the same basic process, but easier to "contain" if you will. So, Sunday I ordered myself a couple of mixed media journals and I have been counting the days till they arrive! While I waited I bought the most recent Art Journaling magazine (as well as the one before it) and have been drooling over all of the beautiful art work contained inside the covers. I have spent hours on the computer watching video tutorials and reading up on techniques and products in preparation for my goodies.  

Today my journals arrived! I finished up the obligations I had for the day and then got started on my very first art journaling page. I have to say that the "art critics" in my home have very different reviews of my "new style" of art. My Mother hates it - her exact words were "its messy,  morbid and dark". My husband on the other hand Loves it and thinks it is "so cool"! What do you think?

 This is the full spread
The pages are 9x12 so its a substantial size. You can click on the photos to see them bigger.
 A close up of the left page
I used vintage anatomical illustrations and a 1920's photo of doctors & a cadaver at Harvard Medical School in which I changed all of the names to the names of my doctors.
 A close up of the right page
Another vintage anatomical illustration, and the same heart with a peony growing out of the vessle that I reversed in PSE to mirror the one on the left page. And I love the praying skeleton! The scripture reads " I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you; I will remove your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh. Ezekiel 36:26"

I can see where my Mother (77 years old) can think it is "messy, morbid and dark", but really its not all that morbid - it tells a story I wanted to tell and allowed me a place to not only be creative but to express my feelings. Yesterday I had yet another doctor appointment. It did not go well! After an hour long wait in the "big waiting room" and then another 35 minute wait in the "little waiting room" I was a bit annoyed. When the doctor finally arrived, acting much like he was god and being very condisending I had had enough. I left the office VERY angry and he knew it. I do not think anyone had ever had the nerve to cut him off as abrubtly as I did or to just walk out on him! I have a nasty temper that I rarely ever let out and until recently did not control well once it was "out there". But I was proud that I was able to control it yesterday - no yelling, no obscenities, no squealing of tires in the parking lot. Not that I didn't feel the desire to do those things! Instead I quoted scripture to myself under my breath as I walked (quickly) out of the office and as I drove (safely) out of the parking lot.

The whole time I was driving I was hoping that my new journal would be delivered a day early and that I could lose myself in some healing and reflective art when I got home. This would not be the case and I would be forced to wait to get all of my feelings out onto paper. So this piece, my 1st entry in my new art journal, tells the story of my frustration with my health problems and my doctors. It tells the story of the faith I struggle with and yet completely rely on through all of this.
I am glad I had to wait a day to create this - it really would have been "messy, morbid and dark" and more if I had done this last night.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my latest piece of art - I would love to know what you think of it.
Till we meet again. . . . 

P.S. I promise I will get some vacation photos and stories up soon.

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