Thursday, May 3, 2012

UPDATE: The Beast has Been Released!

That's right - my patio is wonderfully safe again. I called my dear hubby at work and he rushed home to save me.
He carefully scooped up the beast and flipped the jar over to contain him while Gary examined him.

 Once Gary was through examining the beast it became time to chase me around the patio with the open jar!!!! But then it was time for him to get back to work so he took the beast with him, for show-n-tell and then to release.
Gary will NOT kill anything. He catches and releases everything! Don't get me started on this character flaw. . . snakes. . . mice. . . bugs - oh see, I got started! Anyhoo the beast is gone - Gary is letting him loose somewhere in the desert around here - far away from my patio! And I can now return to my regular smoking activities outside!

till we meet again. . .

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Eva said...

This brings me back to my days of living in New Mexico. The desert used to scare me to death! BTW, I sent you an email did you get it? I've been impatiently waiting to hear from you. I've been about to wear my email program out checking it. lol Hope to hear from you soon, Eva