Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Beast on My Patio

Late last night (midnight) I walked out onto my patio for a smoke and look at what I found. . . .

 At first I thought it was a bunch of hair from the girls or something. I threw stuff at it and it didn't move. So, I got closer. . . NOPE!!!!! It was defiantly NOT HAIR!
I had never seen anything like this before and I don't mind saying I was scared to death! But I could hear Ron, my Bug Man's voice in my ear. He always tells me if I see something try to catch it or cover it with a jar to show him. So I ran in the house and found a jar and carefully covered it. This action woke the stupid thing up and it started jumping around (enter a little panic here now).
 Next item on my to do list was get the camera and take pictures to send to my Bug Man so he could rescue me from the beast on my patio. As soon as the photos were taken I sent them off to Ron for identification. But it was the middle of the night, hours away from being helped and feeling a bit itchy thinking about the beast on the patio and wondering how many more were out there! So I Googled "Big Black Spiders" I saw lots of creepy spiders but none like what I had captured.
This morning when I got up I went to check on the Beast, hoping he would be dead under that jar. Nope, he was still very much alive! So I just had to call Ron to make sure he had seen what was lurking on my patio. He had not checked his email yet, but as fate would have it he had not left to go out in the field yet. He pulled up my email and told me right away that the scary beast trapped under a jar on my patio was a "Tailless Whip Scorpion". I have lived in AZ my whole life and have never heard of or seen such a thing. He assured me it was totally harmless just "gnarly to look at". He also told me to look it up online so that I could reassure myself (he knows how I am about creepy things). So, I looked it up and sure enough Ron was right about everything - it is a Tailless Whip Scorpion and it is not harmful. But that does not mean I will be letting it go anytime soon. He will stay a prisoner until my husband can get here to KILL the Beast on my patio!

I know this is a strange post but I am home alone and it is kinda freaking me out to think he is out there. I am so glad we don't have the girls today - they love playing on the patio and I would never keep London away from this thing. Monkey would run screaming but not my London.

Well, till we meet again have a great day!

PS - if you need a good exterminator you gotta call Ron (I call him my Bug Husband) at Arizona Dragon Slayer - he is the best (623) 584-0696

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