Wednesday, May 9, 2012

How Do You Kill Time?

These days I kill time sitting on the couch with a drawing pad and my growing stash of markers. This past week I was having a hard week so I did A LOT of doodling! If you had told me 6 months ago that I would ever be drawing/doodling or anything similar I would have told you that you were crazy! But I must say I really enjoy it and on those days that I don't have the energy for much else, it's a life saver (for me and my family - a bored Marta is a BAD Marta!) so I thought I'd show you a couple of my doodles tonight. . . .

These are part of my "neighborhood that I drew.  These are the first houses I ever drew. Good thing my ambition was never to be an architech!!!

 They aren't perfect but they were a fun to do and better than just watching tv! And if the truth be told, they just make me happy to look at them - it looks like a fun place to live don't ya think?
 (I really like how the frame turned out on the 2nd one)

Then I decided I would work on my shading so I drew a little posie in a pot.  
 My next exciting thing was a new "swatch" book for all of my markers. I ordered some new Prisma Markers that should be here on Friday (YIPPEE) and I also bought a couple new copics at the store. I like having a color chart to work off of. I hate that the colors shown on the pen caps are never accurate. So I made my own little chart on the computer and included all of the color numbers that I have and also the new ones I still want to get. There are several pages and each type/brand of markers has it's own page. Then I colored it in - I even made pages for my watercolor pencils and all of the gel pens I have started hoardeing collecting. It fits really nicely in my new marker storage - it is a handy tool when I am coloring!
 I have a smaller version I carry in my purse to keep me from buying duplicates while I am out!

By Sunday evening I was feeling a bit more energetic - but not enough that I wanted to clean the floors etc. I had this 16x20 canvas in the garage and I decided I would try a little
mixed-media project. This is not something I typically do - but what teh heck
I started off by just throwing paints on the canvas. Then I decided to tear up and adhere old book pages to it. Then I remembered all of the fun vintage images I have collected digitally the past few years and I picked myself out some "Lady Friends" Then I decided I was not happy with teh background so I painted the book pages with white paint - still not happy with it. Now it was time to break out some pretty, floral cocktail napkins and some Prima s/b paper I got last week

This is so far out of my regular way of creating so it took some time to get it where I was happy with it. So here it is for you all to see. . .
The funny thing about this is that the whole time I was making it I was thinking to myself what am I gonna do with this when I am done!?! I was talking to Kathie on the phone today and I was telling her I might just toss it once I finished it. She of course did not like that idea! So I guess now that it is finished I will send it to her to hang in the shop. I also promised her I would post it on my blog once I was done. So here ya go Kathie - what do ya think?

Below are some detail photos for you . . .

SSo that's about all that is going on around here. Have a great week friends!!!


The Occasional Artist said...

Marta-You do beautiful work, even when you are not trying! I would be honored to hang it in the shop!

The Occasional Artist said...

I also love, love, love your doodles!