Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What's Up?????

So I thought I'd share quickly what I have been up to. I do mean quickly - I have a Monkey on my lap! So I can't promise all of this will make sense and I bet I will have A LOT more typos today!!!

So this is the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve - I set a timer so I wouldn't miss this shot! Everyone but me was already sound asleep in their beds here and I was taking down the tree.

This is New Years Day - I treated myself to a nice HOT bubble bath - no candelight but I did give myself some nice classical music to listen to. I made it a point to start my new year off relaxed and happy!

After the bubble bath the family arrived. We played bingo and loaded questions and ate "fun" foods like potato skins, chili, beans and weinnies, rice krispy treats and chips. YUM!
My Mom does not like to play games, but even she joined us for bingo and played 3 cards at a time!!! We had prizes like gift cards and a few gag gifts too. Everyone seemed to really enjoy this. I bought this bingo game about 10 years ago and it has only been out of the box once before today!
Here's everyone chowing down and teasing one another. I LOVE having them all around the table like this!
Some more board games - Mom dropped out on this one. But there was LOTS of laughing at the table. And even some tears - Bryanna still laughs until she cries - I love that about her!
We also did headshots as soon as everyone arrived. No one even complained - I was so impressed!
On the 2nd I went to my friend Judie's house to hang out with her and Ann. Lots of laughing and nonsense going on there too!
Judie's husband had been cooking omlets and it smelled so good that I could not concentrate! So us girls had to go out to eat. And of course we had to stop at Joann's and Staples for a little shopping while we were out.
I have been working on my studio too. Gary got me the chandelier that I have been wanting and hung it for me. Judie's husband is going to do a big built in for me all along the back wall with the window. I gave hime my drawings while I was there on Sunday. I can't wait to get it done and installed!!!!
Gary also gave me some spending $$$ so I bought new containers for my studio. I am trying to get rid of all of the plastic storage in my studio. I think this looks much nicer!
I have also been working on my "A Year in the Life" album and really enjoying that!!! I got the kits all packed this weekend so I am ready to share with the gals that have signed up.
Yesterday was our 1st day having Monkey and Bug back with us for over a week. I miss thise guys when they are not here. Yesterday Monkey and I went out and did a little shopping while Bug napped. Of course I got the things I went after and we also brought back prizes - a stuffed turtle for Monkey and a stuffed lady bug for Bug.
So far nothing but happiness in 2011 - I think it is going to be a GREAT year!!!!
What have YOU been up to???

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