Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I did it!!!

I really suck at slow shutter speed/low light photography! But tonight I got this idea for a photo to put in my YITL album for the "Celebrations & Holidays" section. This section of my album will be all of those "other" holidays as well as birthday parties etc so I needed something generic but yet still festive. So I dug out my tripod and my camera binder (yes, I have a binder for everything) as well as some curling ribbon, wine glasses and sparkling cider (no wine or champagne in my house). Then I thought "I need some confetti" which is another thing I never have in my house. But then I remembered the HUGE bag of bling I bought Sunday while I was out with the girls - Perfect Confetti! I had exactly 15 sparklers left (well that were handy - the rest are under the bed and I am pretty sure Gary would hate it if I woke him to get them) So I knew I had a limited amount of chances to get this pix right. Well, it is far from perfect, but this is what I got on the 1st try!!! For fear that I would set the ribbons and tablecloth on fire if I tried it again. I decided that this was just fine. It says "Festive" to me and that is what I wanted.

Well I guess I should get back to the dinning room to clean up my mess. I just had to get my picture loaded and ordered. And I figured I might as well share my joy with you all here. I hope you had a great day and that Thursday is even better!

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