Thursday, January 6, 2011

I thought I was sooo Cool. . .

but then I realized I was NOT!!!! Last night I was so proud of my low light/slow shutter speed photo. Then today I decided it was not all that great. I also decided that if I could get that shot on my 1st try that I could do even better today. So that's what I didI set everything back up (and more) and waited for it to get dark and for Gary to go to bed. Then I started. . .

I set up a practice shot 1st for composition - not to bad I thought. (notice that I added a mirror on the bottom, black backdrop, different colored ribbons and swavorski (sp) crystal flutes). It's not in this picture but in some of the others, but I borrowed a bottle of champagne!

The 1st two in this threesome are the same picture - I just turned one sepia. The 3rd picture only shows half of the glass because one of the sparklers went out BEFORE the camera had a chance to take the shot! That would be because I was too slow and I also forgot to turn the camera ON!!!!

This one just looks like a ribbon volcano errupting!

This one is kinda fun but at the same point - totally useless!!!!

My BLACK backdrop seems to have turned GREEN in this shot!!!
I spent a lot of time on the phone with Ann as she critiqued my photos and agve her ideas (only because I asked). I went through TWO BOXES of sparklers tonight, filled my house with smoke, tore it all down to change it back to white drops, cheap glasses and apple cider and was still not half as thrilled as I was with my ONE shot I took last night!
But I finally did some cropping and editing and I think I like this one enough to use it. I just don't think I can light one more sparkler until the 4th of July!!!!!
Any comments???
Have a great Friday!!!!

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