Monday, January 19, 2009

What a Weekend!!!!!

First off I have to say. . .
WOW! How about those Cardinals!!!!
And we can't forget the Steelers
This is going to be quite the Super Bowl at our house. I am not a football fan but, even I can't help but feel happy for our poor Cards - 60 years and this is their 1st trip to the Super Bowl! Gary is a fan, but his heart really belongs to the Steelers (see photo below)
This is my man watching the game today - note: we have a HUG TV inside, but he needed to watch these two games in the "comfort" of his man cave.
While he watched the game I finished up this book for my March class at the Creative Quest. The best part of this book was the reaction I got from Gary about it. He really loved it and said it made him feel very special. SCORE! (lame attempt at sports humor) That is the best compliment!

Soon, I will try to post some pictures of Gary and my impromptu get-away on Friday. We headed up north to Jerome (LOVE that place!) and found snow on our way! It was a great day!

We had the whole house to ourselves since Friday. Liz was house sitting, as was my Mom. Monkey and her parents headed to Calif for the weekend, so Gary and I were on our own. It was quiet, but it sure was nice!

I hope you all had a great weekend too, and that you still have one more day of it thanks to MLK.

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Eva said...

OMG Marta, this leaves me speechless!! I love the handwriting in it, too. What a gorgous book, he should be very proud. AWESOME!!!!!!