Monday, January 12, 2009


WOW!!! It seems like FOREVER since I have posted here. Seems life just keeps getting ahead of me. I have the best intentions in the world to post on my blog and call and write my friends and somehow I just don't seem to get it all done. I hope this will not be a trend for the whole new year?

I have been keeping busy with Classes at CQ - either teaching them or planning and preparring for them. I have a fun one coming up in February, on the 16th. It is called "The Monumental & Mundane 2009". That sample will be going up in the store this week. I also have the sign-up info here on my blog (to the right).

I have another book sitting on my desk that will be taught in April. This one is going to be for your man! It is called "Absolutely Wild About You" and is featuring the Marah Johnson Untamed papers. Have you seen them? They are so cool! This will be a great Father's Day gift for your hubby and since you will make it in April, you will have plenty of time to fill it up with pictures and stories. Stay tuned, I will get it posted here soon. I also have another class in March - it has yet to materialize on my desk yet - hahaha. But hopefully soon.
Oh, I also haven't told you all about my Monkey & Me Book that I did. It turned out super cute and Monkey loves it! You wanna see it???? Just Look to the right and you can take a peek. This is my cheater book, but I am thrilled to have gotten it done. It was one that was very important to me to get done this year. I have made a couple of these online books now and I really enjoy them. But now I have the "digital bug" and I want to start buying all of that now! I tell you, photography, scrapping, book making - it is a serious additiction and it just keeps leading you to more and more addictions!

As well as working on class samples I have been busy working on a personal project. I am doing a fun, hanging book about all of our family's Christmas traditions. I am really enjoying working on that one. With all of this crafting and then living life, my house is truly suffering! I keep telling my Mom that I think there are little Imps hiding in our house that are making these messes each time I walk out of a room!

Well, it is late and I have no real exciting news or words of wisdom to impart tonight. So, I will go now and hope you all are having a GREAT start to the New Year and that it only gets better for you each and every day!

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