Thursday, December 4, 2008

What a Colorful Day!

Well, even though Monkey is still not feeling quite up to par yet, she was willing to play and enjoy the day. Most of it anyway.
Before Uncle Larry went to school this morning she took some time out to play leggos with her. Monkey's attention span is just slightly shorter than Liz's and ended up playing something else. This left Lizzy lost in the joy we all know as Leggos. I was quite impressed when I walked away from doing the dishes and found what Lizzy had created. I had to go back and get my camera.

I have never thought of doing letters with Leggos - pretty cool and colorful!

I of course wanted to get a picture of Monkey with her name. I of course forgot the Leggo rule. . .
when you create something with Leggos a 16 month old MUST destroy it!

No matter - it was fun while it lasted. And I caught it on "film" to remember it with!
After a nap I thought she might enjoy coloring for a bit. Mind you, she is not feeling great and so everything is an effort, so an activity that doesn't require a lot of movement is a good thing.

Look at her showing off her masterpiece. It is of course hanging on the refrigerator for all to admire.

After awhile the white paper ceased to hold her interest and coloring on the Leggo tub and the tile was what made her happy. But it didn't make me too happy - mostly because Grandpa is a stickler about that stuff. So I had to confiscate the offending crayon.
What a colorful day!
I hope yours was just as colorful!

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