Friday, December 5, 2008

The Ups & Downs of the day. . .

When you are 16 months old & sick!

So life was pretty good this morning. The nose is runny and you can tell Monkey still isn't herself but she is able to play and have some fun. Uncle Larry came in with some more Leggo art for her. Monkey LOVES Elmo - so while she was watching Elmo on TV, Lizzy made a Leggo Elmo!
Monkey was thrilled with it! She was especially excited that Elmo had eyes on the back of his head as well and couldn't stop looking back there.

Eventually she was too tired to play anymore and it was time to go down for a nap.

Time to get up - Naptime is over - and it's lunch time and bath time - always good times!!!
Playing outside and having fun until G-Nana suggests I take some pictures of her playing on her bench. That brought on one of those "I'm sick, leave me alone" meltdowns! I am a bad Gramie and had to get some of these tears "on film". It is rarely that this happens that I just had to.
I had to get down to get to the "UP". I got down on the ground with her (and my camera) and let her take some pictures. I actually took this one of us together. But she was thrilled by it. She loved that the camera was pointed at us both and I got a great smile, even if I did cut off part of her chin!

But these next ones are ALL HERS! I only held the camera. She pointed it and and looked through the viewfinder and pushed the button. I am very impressed at the images she captured. Especially the ones of G-Nana! When I edited the pictures (just for sharpness) I realized how different the world is from her point of view.

Be sure to look at the bigger version of these - it is kinda fun!
I hope you all have a GREAT weekend!

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Penny said...

Cool shots, Monkey!! You did good!!

LOVE your post, Amma!!