Sunday, December 14, 2008

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

It's been 9 days since I last popped in to say hi. It has been a hectic 9 days and that is why. Let's see, what's been going on around here. . .
Last Sunday (Dec 7) my baby turned 20!!!!! It is so hard for me to beleive that she is really a "grown-up". She will forever be my baby. It was much easier for me to allow Bryanna to grow up in my mind - not so sure why it has always been so hard to allow Lizzy that same privledge? We all went out for spa pedicures that weekend (Bryanna, Mom, Lizzy & myself)
Then it was back to the house with the menfolk (Gary, Darwin & Richard) and Monkey for dinner and games. We played some scrabble and Cranium and Lizzy picked lemon peppered chicken and Red Bread for her birthday dinner.
Gary made up for the past with a certain present. . . A "My Size Barbie". Lizzy always wanted one as a little girl and never got one - thatis until her 20th Bday! Lizzy and Monkey had great fun wearing Barbie's tu-tu's. Lizzy even went to the grocery store with my Mom in hers! Ya gotta love Liz! She is just so FUN!!!!!
My Monkey has continued to be sick all week too. Poor baby, between the cold, the teething of more molars and the addition of an ear infection she has NOT been a happy girl! I must admit that it is very tireing for me when she is sick too. Since she has been sick we have not been able to get a Christmas photo for B&D's Christmas cards. Last year we had a ton of them by now!
Saturday they delivered "snow" out here in our community. I kept Monkey over night while B&D went to a Christmas party. So the plan was to take Monkey to the "snow" Saturday morning before she went home. We were hoping that we would get a "card worthy" photo at the snow. I think we did it! There are 100+ photos for Bryanna to pick from - here are just a few cute ones I liked. . .

So, this is how we in AZ get a "White Christmas".
* We order it,
* It gets delivered
* We enjoy it for an hour or so
* And it goes away with no mess or stress!
But like I always say - we have an "AUTHENTIC" Christmas here in the desert. After all there was NO snow in Bethlehem the night Christ was born!
Tonight is the 1st night I get to write in my Christmas Journal that I made.

I don't have a ton of interesting stuff to write today. I seemed to be in a fog most of the day. But the pressure of knowing I had to start writing in my journal made me get off my duff (after editing all of the snow pix) and get the Christmas baking done!

I also got some magic cookie bars done, But they didn't get out of the oven until after I started typing. The banana bread is all done too, so if I don't get anything else made I will be alright with it.

It has been a long, hard week and I am hoping that this coming week will be better and put me back in the Christmas spirit. I have alot to get done this week. Cleaning, a hair cut, the Post Office (ugh) and 2 parties. One of which we are hosting here at the house on Friday for all of Gary's work!

I hope you guys are all having a great time and enjoying the season.


joybear said...

Hope monkey feels better!! Glad Lize got her birthday wish!!!! And ths now looks like sooooo much fun!! You know I had to read your title twice..snow in AZ?? Very cool!!

joybear said...

opps...meant Lizzy! and the snow..

should read what I type!