Thursday, May 15, 2008

Just Monkeying Around

Today was just one of those days - you know when you get absolutely NOTHING done! But that is just fine with me. Today was spent with 2 of my favorite girls - Lizzy and Monkey! We headed off tho the pool first thing. Monkey had gotten a new floaty toy and a new swimsuit so we had to go try them both out (plus we needed to pack up our new monkey tote and try it out too). We all swam and splashed and had so much fun! Grandpa even came and played with us on his lunch break.

Monkey got good and tired after almost 2 hours and Lizzy and I got good and hungry for pizza! So while I got Monkey down for a nap Lizzy went to pick up our fav pizza from Streets of New York. It is so seldom that I get to hang out with Liz anymore between her work schedule, school schedule and her social schedule. So I really enjoy our time together. Monkey took a long long nap today and that was great for Lizzy and I.

After we ate our pizza we had a little "adventure" we found a scorpion in the family room!!!! YOu should have seen us two girls trying to get rid of that thing! YUCK!!! I really hate those things. I have lived here my whole life and have never had to deal with them until we bought this house out in the middle of the desert. It is the only downfall to this new house. And it is especially scary with a crawling baby in the house!

When Monkey got up from her nap it was more play time for us 3 girls, then Grandpa showed up and the playtime continued with him. It is so great to see Gary with the baby - he loves kids. So it was just another day in paradise around here. Nothing but fun and play (except for the scorpion) all day! I hope you had just as good of a day!

Here's another short video for you . . .

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