Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Do You Ever Wonder What's Really Going On Inside MY Head???

Well, Now you can know for sure. Here are some pictures I had taken this past week of my brain (Yes, I really do have one and I have proof now!).

 This past Friday I got the pleasure of being shoved in a really loud tube to have pictures of my brain & my spine taken. I got the added pleasure of getting to pay for them too. You gotta love the new year and the new deductible!
 This week, on Monday I got to do something else really FUN - I got to go to a Neurologist! How fun is that? And next week I get to go back again and have some sort of electric shock test done to my nerves and have some sort of needles stuck into my muscles to test them. I get to pay for those too - YIPPEE!!!
So, as you can see my health saga continues this year.  They are now thinking I have suffered some sort of nerve and/or muscle damage. The past couple of weeks I find myself alternating from being unable to feel my legs to having a lot of pain in my legs. I have fallen because they wont hold me up. I have had to try to get off of the highway because all of a sudden I could no longer feel them and so I couldn't work my pedals. Life is full of one excitement after another! But hopefully these next set of test will show something and they will be able to fix it. I am really growing tired of my body not doing what I want it to do and what it needs to do!
 My poor Mother is having some similar problems with her legs and tonight we were both hurting so bad that we decided to heat up our corn bags (they are like heating pads) and lay down for a bit. I found it to be kinda humorous and set the timer on the camera and took this picture. Aren't we cute!
But life goes on. . .
 The girls and I decided to start a little garden and so this is us getting the soil already last week
I got all of the rows dug and ready . . .
 Then, while Bug took a nap Monkey and I did the planting. We planted carrots, radishes, romaine, peas, broccoli & sweet onions. We also planted some tomatoes and strawberries in another area.
 This is our little garden after we planted it (we used starter plants for the onions & broccoli)
Yesterday our first seedlings pushed their way through the soil - 5 little radishes. Today we had 2 little romaine lettuce seedlings push their way through also. You just wouldn't believe how EXCITED my Monkey was!!!
So that is pretty much what is going on in my neck of the woods. Doctoring, planting, playing with the kids and packing kits. I am excited to be teaching again this weekend. I hope I will see some of you there!
Have a great week friends

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