Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy New Year (even though it's Friday the 13th!)

So, it's 13 days into the new year - how are things going for you? It has been busy around here the past 2 weeks. Busy with the girls and busy creating stuff. I am dedicating this post to Tammy (you know who you are) who wants to see what all I have been up to. So grab a drink and a snack and take a look at my new year so far. . .

Gary had the 1st week of January off so he was on babysitting duty, or as we called it "Fun with Grandpa week". He let the girls hang out with him no matter what he was doing. On this day he was trying to get a work-out in so he set up his easle with a scrap of plywood and got out all of his paints and brushes and let Monkey paint. I personally think she has a gift!
On Tuesday he took the girls to the park (complete with a picnic he packed) for over 3 hours!!! They had a great time but poor Bug did come home with a slight injury. I am not sure if any of you have ever seen an 18 month old limp, but it is quite pathetic! It has been over a week and she still has a slight limp. But the x-rays show no breaks - whew. . . we were a little worried!
On Thursday we both took the girls to the Phoenix zoo. We all had a great time
But Grandpa was deffinately the "star" of the day!
Although I was the one that treated the girls to the giraffe exhibit. . .
Where each one of us got to take a turn feeding the giraffe

Then, Monkey wanted to ride a camel! I found out that my big brave hubby is not a fan of riding camels or even being close to them! So it was just Monkey & me that hitched a ride!
Gary offered up a $1 prize to the 1st one to fall asleep once we got in the car for the 1 hour drive back home. Bug won the buck but Gary & Monkey were only 5 minutes behind her! It was a nice quiet ride back home.

I HATE resolutions!!!!! I never make them!!!! But I do make myself a list of goals each New Year of projects I want to get done or special things I want to save up and buy etc. I got my list all done (and even printed it out this year!) and I have been hammering away it.

One of the things on my list was to make my own Christmas stockings this year (before the next Christmas rush). Well, check me out. . . .
I got working on them right away

I wanted to have everyone's initial embroirdered on something (wasnt sure on what) to hang from the sock so we could all tell them apart. The shop wanted $15 EACH to do them!!!! I was making 12 stockings - Way too much money for me! I found these dyeable appliques at Hobby Lobby for $1.25 each and the antique gold frame orniments at Mike's for .80 cents each. I used a combination of Glimmer Mist and Distress ink to dye them the perfect color of gold. I used scraps from the stockings and ironed the appliques on and then framed them all in the frame orniments. I added a jewelry pin to the back to hold them perfectly in place on the stockings. I also got the velvet ribbon at Joanns for 20 cents a spool.
They turned out PERFECT!!!! I am just so happy with them! I made 12 even though I only needed 9, this way if I get more grandkids I will have a stocking ready for them!
Aren't they pretty? You would never know that the initials are iron-on appliques!
Another thing I wanted to do was back my big frame in my studio with burlap and add a banner to it. I was inspired byTHIS months ago and never got around to it. Mom bought me burlap as one of my Christmas gifts this year. So check me out again. . . whittling away at my list!
After adding the burlap and distressing the frame just a wee bit, I decided to go crazy and add 350 rhinestones to it!!!
I spent 2.5 hours painting clothes pins to hang my banner from but for some reason I just didn't like it all together ones I got done. So I opted for a simple twine and crystal bead thing-a-ma-bob to hang it from
The banner just says Moments and I have a bunch of photos being printed as we speak that I will be filling my new frame with. The burlap is mounted on 2 layers of foam board so I will be able to use pins to hang my photos from. Easy Peasy!!!

I use one of the 7-Gypsies receipt holders as my bulletinboard in my studio. As you can see it is quite a mess! But it is soooo easy to just stick things on there and I love it! But this year I really wanted to spruce it up - just a little.
So this is what I came up with. . .
I just stamped the #'s on white cardstock, used a 7/8" circle punch to cut them out then mounted them on a 1" circle I cut from black mat board and then placed a clear appoxy circle sticker from Sticko on top. Viola! Nice and tidy and I like it!
I am not the only one that has been busy creating this year. . .
My sweet hubby has been so busy building cornhole games for himself and now everyone else wants them! Here are the ones he has made so far. . .
The 1st pair (cardinals & steelers) are for his brother Greg - the second set (both cardinals) is for friends of ours (shhhhh - they don't know about this - it's a surprise!) Gary hand painted all of this!!!! No stencils or anything - just his magic fingers holding a brush and some painters tape. AMAZING!
This set is the 1st set he made - these are HIS!!! He did purchase the logos for these.
This set, Cowboys & Bears , is for his boss. They are not finished quite yet, but almost!
Again all hand painted logo here!
Here is the Cowboys getting all taped off - see his sketch for the helmet above all of the tape.
My table is covered with NFL fabrics and my sewing machine and tons of dried corn. It is my job to make the bags - Yippee

More FUN News. . .
The NEW store opened last Saturday!!!!!
That's right, the Occasional Artist is now offically open for business!
And I have some classes on the books too. . .

This fist one is called the "Remember" Envelope book
Saturday - Feb 18th at 10am $50
Lots and lots of black, white & cream Teresa Collins papers. Tons of pearls and a bunch of handmade flowers
Each page is an envelope with 2 large tags inside. This book can hold 36 4x6 photos! And I think you will love the new binding technique used in putting this all together.

These are the 2 tags that come in each envelope. I love the folded one with the big flower on it! And you will love learning how to punch on a curve using a corner punch! Lots of fun new techniques in this class!
This is my 2012 Date Book class -
taught twice, Tommorow and Tuesday - Jan 24th 11am -1pm - $25
Your choice which style you make
Again, Lots of Teresa Collins papers, pick from pink with fluer de lis and dots or Black & Cream with crowns & houndstooth

Next is my "School Days" Cabinet and Mini Book
Saturday - Feb 11th - 10am - 5pm $75
Did you think I had forgotten my beloved Graphic-45 papers this year????
Not hardly! 
This is a fun "Cigar Box turned Cabinet" class. I LOVE this collection and I just think this little set just screams SCHOOL with it's little apple and chalk board and all of the other goodies on top.
 When you open it up you will find a little spiral bound mini album that will be the perfect place to display all of this extra wallet size school photos us Moms all have shoved in drawers and closets all over the house!
I filled my sample with all of Lizzy's photos from K - 12th grade. She is going to ASU to become a teacher and so she is happy to have this to keep in her classroom. This would be great for teachers as well for all of the class photos each year too.

WHEW. . .  did you make it all the way to the end? Do you feel "filled in" and "up to date" now? I need to update my blog for regularly so I don't have to write a novel each time. Too bad I don't do resolutions - I could make this a resolution!
Enjoy your weekend Friends and do something creative - Sign up for a class - or just create some happy memories!!!!
Till we meet again. . .

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Happy to see something from you! I´m sooo curious how you bind your books! hard to join your classes when I´m living on the other sida of the big water ;)
/Love Caritha (from Sweden)