Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Occassional Artist and Other News

As many of you know The Creative Quest closed it's doors in November, but Kathie and the gals from The Quest have been busy opening up a new store right next door. This new store will open in early January and will be called The Occassional Artist. Friday I popped in and dropped off a few samples for my new classes at the new store. Everyone was busy with either a paint brush or some other tool when I arrived. The Occassional Artist is going to be so cute and have a whole different feel but with the same friendly atmosphere. I can't wait for it to open and I can't wait to start teaching again!
I took a few pix while I was there visiting to share with you all. . .

 Here's the girls painting the front door a vibrant red - I love a red door!
 Kathie at the new counter - I love all the paned windows and the waynescotting. And I LOVE what she did to the floors - it doesn't show up in the photos but wait til you see it!
 A sneak peek at my class samples. They are carefully stored in a charming old secretary until all of the painting and construction is done.
 The photos above and below are of the new classroom - tons of open front cabinets for all of the fun studio supplies. The new tables will be lovely wooden farm style tables.
 This is one of my first classes - it is a 2012 date book. You will have your choice of which one you want to make in class. There is either a black & pink one with fleur di les and dots or a black & cream one with harringbone and crowns. I will be teaching this class twice. Once on Saturday, Jan 14th and again on Tuesday, Jan 24th. Click on the photo to enlarge it.
 This is my next class, it is a cigar box turned nto a little cabinet with a spiral bound book inside. I adore these Graphic 45 papers! And this is a great place to keep all of those wallet sized photos of your kids. I filled my sample with all of Lizzy's pictures from kindergarten thru her senior year. Click on the photo to enlarge it.
 I hope you will join me for one of my first classes at the new store!

In my last post I shared a few of the photos I took of Lizzy and her boyfriend for their Christmas cards. This is the finished card. Aren't they cute - they are such a silly couple! The two of them are now busy addressing envelopes.
This is the sign Lizzy has been making for Richard's Christmas gift. He has a poker room in his house and they love to have Texas Hold'em parties. I think it turned out great! And this all came out of my stash in my room. That vintage card paper is like 10 years old. It was one of those papers I just could never part with, I always knew it would come in handy sometime.
For Monkey's second Christmas I made her a monkey rocking chair. So of course I needed to get one made for my Bug this year. So this is her ladybug chair. Both girls will be so happy with this. Bug just wont leave Monkey's chair alone, now she will have one of her own!
After I made all of the lap desks this summer, my Mom asked if I could make her one just a little bit smaller for her room to keep all of her mail in. She has all white, shabby chic furniture in her room - This is what I came up with. . .
Again everything here is from my stash. That has been the goal this year for Christmas, handmade gifts from my stash not the store. I have been pretty successful so far. All of the medical bills have really drained the available cash. It has been a challenge, but a fun one. I never realized how much stuff I had. Okay, that's a lie, I knew how MUCH stuff I had!!!
Have a great week friends, do something creative, smile at a stranger, and be good to yourself!

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