Monday, December 19, 2011

The Countdown Begins. . .

That's Right Friends, there are only 6 more days til Christmas!!!
Are you all ready?
I'm not, but I am getting close. . . I think.

 I just wanted to share a few pictures of Christmas at my house this year with you.
 Monkey & Bug got to sit on Santa's lap this weekend - aren't they just adorable!
 After pictures with Santa Bryanna & Monkey went shopping with Grandpa. Darwin stopped by with Bug to show me how cute she was in her elf dress. I LOVE those tights - I wonder if if I could pull off that outfit at my age?
 Last week I saw this cute idea for making Santa heads with your hands.
 So of course I grabbed the paint and started painting up the girls' hands
 Monkey thought it was LOTS of fun but Bug hated it!
 This is our tree this year. I think I will have to retire it after this Christmas. It has served us well for a lot if years. But now it is a little wobbly and not all of the lights work. I also want to do a theme tree again. I always used to do a theme tree and my girls hated it. The past 6 years I have let them be in charge of it  and it has been fun but I miss my theme. So next year I think it will be a very victorian tree with some of the favorite ornaments that they have collected added to it. This should make us all like it!
 For safety reasons I have blocked off my living room - so this is the pretty sight you see when you come in my house. A big shipping box and a big tree blocking little ones from getting to the wobbly tree.
 This is the piano where Mom keeps some of her favorite Christmas treasures. I love the Santa, but we have to tie him to the wall so he doesn't fall over and break.
 The table is all set - not with all the stuff I usually have on there but at least the cloth is on and the sleighs are out.
 I made these sleighs the year we move into this house. They are what I use for place cards. Each one has a gold package with a name tied on to it.
 These are some sled/clipboard/frames I made this weekend. I had a nasty headache that I couldn't shake. And for some reason if I start creating something (for no reason) my headache will usually go away. So these are my "headache relief" sleds. I bought these sleds 2 years ago after christmas for 50 cents each, They had a big UGLY teddybear glued onto them and were painted red & green. As you can see they no longer look like that!
 I made one for Monkey & Bug and made the little clipboards from 7Gypsies clips. I wanted them to be clipboards so I could easily change out the photos each Christmas. It was a fun project and it all came out of my stash! No purchases for this project!
 This is another cute project/gift I made yesterday. I bought this little sign at Ross a week or so ago for $2.99, it said "amazing grace". But I saw "Mickey Mouse" when I looked at it! And since I have a daughter that is in love with ALL things Disney I figured why not!
 Other than the sign it's self, everything here was from my stash as well. Gotta love red glitter paper and a cricut machine!!!!
So that is pretty much what is going on around here,
a little family fun,
a little decorating,
a LOT of wrapping,
Some last minute crafting,
and a whole LOT of gratitude!!!!
Merry Christmas my friends!

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