Friday, October 15, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy. . .

That's what I have been these days and that's why I have been so absent from my blog and blog friends - Sorry. But tonight I am going to try to catch up on the past few weeks. Lots of pictures tonight.
So, one of the things I have been busy with is creating and kitting class projects for The Quest. This Saturday is the 1st session on Hallowe'en in Wonderland. Next weekend is the the 2nd session (yes, I am teaching it again!) and the Measure of a Woman Shrine class. There are lots of jumbo ziplock bags ful of pretty papers and such in my studio right now.
This is a new class sample called Santa's Workshop Curio - the photo here does not show the completed project - it is missing it's really cool Tim Holtz legs. But you can see the finished product at The Quest if you stop by. I will be teaching this class on Sat. Nov 13th.
Another thing I have been busy with is playing with my Monkey! Oh My Goodness - she is just the funnest (is that really a word?) kid ever and I just LOVE playing with her. She adores her doll house and plays with it everytime she is here. This was a night that she asked me if she could just come to my house for dinner. Who could refuse this face?

Another thing that took up ALOT of my time was the planning a surprise birthday tea party for my Mom's 75th birthday. This is no simple feat when your Mom lives with you!!! But it came off without a hitch, she was surprised and everyone seemed to have a great time. For about 2 weeks I lied almost daily to my Mom and she was banned from certain areas of the house and from the refrigerator in the garage - that one took a very creative lie to keep her out of there and not be suspicious!
After sewing all of the bedding and curtains etc for both of my granddaughters, I have fallen in love with my sewing machine again. The week before the girls came back (Bryanna & my maternity leave ended on the 4th) I made 2 rag quilts. They are super fun to make! So this is the one I made for my Lady Bug (my newest granddaughter). I made a Monkey quilt for her big sister when she was a baby for her to use as a pallet at my house, so I figured I better get one made for my little Lady Bug! I just love all of the fabrics I used on this, cotton, corduroy, flannel and chinz all in pink, black and red - very fun!
This one is a Christmas present - can't say for who just in case they are checking in here! But I really think it is pretty and feminine.
Then of course there was one more trip to the pool before the season is over. This summer I actually never made it to the pool all season so I couldn't pass this up - had to get some pix of my Monkey and her grandpa at the pool. They are pool buddies and this is their special time and place.
And of course before the girls started coming here everyday I felt it was important to wash EVERY toy in the house!!! There wasn't a flat surface in my house or on my patio that wasn't covered with toys drying after being washed!
BTW - washing Leggos is NO FUN at all!
And of course there were all of the new bottles that had to be washed and sterelized
This past weekend I took some pictures of my little Lady Bug - this is one of them. I ordered this Union Jack Flag just for this purpose when she was first born. I don't usually use my grandbabies names here but I will make an exception this once - her name is London, that is the reason for the flag. She is almost 3 months old now!

Here are some pictures of My Girls just hanging out at Amma's while Mom and Dad are at work.
They are just the sweetest and happiest girls ever. I was a little worried about how it would be with a baby in the house again. But that was just wasted time. She is a great baby - so content and happy and no problem at all.

Gary made breakfast Tuesday before work for Monkey. She loves for Grandpa to cook for her. Since Lady Bug can't eat his cooking yet she was the entertainment! Gary had her dancing on the counter and trying to stomp on Monkey's plate. Everyone really enjoyed this. He has such a great way of playing with the girls and they just love it!
Gary took the rest of this week off and yesterday we took both girls to the zoo. That was really fun but man was it HOT! Typically it is only in the high 80's this week each year - but noooooo - it was about 100 degrees out yesterday! After 4 hours in the sun we were all ready for the AC in the car and to get home. This was our first outting with both girls with out their parents - it takes some coordination to have a toodler and an infant out and about like this. Sadly I didn't get very many pictures and the ones I did get were just snap shots. Gary was in charge of Monkey and I was in charge of the Bug, the stroller, all of the bags, and the camera. I was a busy girl!

This weekend the WHOLE family is heading up north (where it is cool) to the pumpkin patch. There will be six adults and only the two girls so I should be more free to take pictures - I can't wait!!! I am taking pictures like crazy these days, trying to rebuild a collection of photos of the girls since I lost everything when my back-up drive crashed. (Still super sad about that!)

So, that is pretty much what has been going on in my world lately. It has been a really busy time for me, but a really great time as well! I am truly blessed to have so much joy in my life!!!

I will be back soon with more pictures and news about a new year-long project I will be hosting at The Quest, so come back and check it out - I think you're gonna like it!


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