Tuesday, October 19, 2010

65 Days, 22 Hours & 11 Minutes Left

That's right, that's how many days left till Christmas!!!
If you are a crafter, it's crunch time!
Have you made all of your plans?
Have you gathered all of your supplies?
Have you started anything?
These are the questions we are asking ourselves right now.
I was running around today (Hobby Lobby, Joann's, Michael's) getting some last minute supplies for my class on Friday when my cell phone rang. It was my Sister-in-law, Char (the only other crafter in my family) wanting to know what I would be bringing to Thanksgiving dinner. As if she didn't know - I always bring pumpkin pies, have for 26 years now. But while we were on the phone the subject quickly changed to what we were each making as Christmas gifts. It's important that we don't make the same things. At this time of year I especially wish there were two of me, one to do all of the things that need to be done in my life and one that could be busy creating and enjoying the process of making the gifts.
I have started a new habbit while I craft these days. As I am working on something I pray for the person that I am making the item for. I pray for their health, saftey and happiness as well as for our relationship. I got this idea from a woman I have never met that emailed me from my blog one day. She told me how I had inspired her to start creating again and that she prayed for me while she worked on her latest project. I was so moved and I thought what a great yet simple idea. How much more meaningful the item had when it was finished, even though the receipiant would probably never know that I was praying for them. Typically I just allow my mind to wander (all over the place) while I work on things, and it still does at times, but I really try to stay focused on the person and my prayers these days. It has added a whole new level of joy to the things I create now.
Well it is late and I have much to do before the munchkins come in the morning - one of the things I want to do is sleep! So I should run. Just wanted to check in with everyone and wish you a great week!

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