Saturday, August 7, 2010

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. . .

Do you remember how Mister Rogers opened his show with that song each time as he changed his shoes and sweater? I loved that part of the show (that and Mr McFeely. . .speedy delivery!!!) Well this has nothing to do with Mr Rogers except that I find myself singing that song alot these days! It truly is a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood everyday now. . .
I just love having my daughter and granddaughters so close to me - right in my very own neighborhood!
Today was super cool because it was Monkey's THIRD B-Day Party!!! Nothing big and elaborate, just family. But she picked Mia (aka Minnie Mouse) as her party theme this year.
As of last night her Mommy still had not decided what to do for a cake for the party so I offered to take care of it. Here is what I came up with for a last minute cake. . .

Gotta love that Cricut machine - it makes anything more festive and special!
Monkey got a quad from her Great-Nanny and all of the cousins (as well as my 21yo daughter) took turns riding it. Monkey was a TOATAL daredevil on this thing!!!

Look - even Mommy and baby sister dressed up like Minnie for the party

Obviously she is not ONE - but we could not get her to do THREE fingers
She even made it through "happy birthday" without crying! She HATES that song - sung to her or anyone else and always cries uncontrollably when she hears it. I was very proud of her today. She even blew out all of her candles on her own without help this year!!!

Here is Monkey with one of her cousins playing with her new castle. Last year right after her birthday they got a Fisher Price catalog in the mail. In that catalog was this castle, she has carried that castle around with her for almost a year now saying "this is what I want for my happy Dupa (that's what she calls birthday). The catalog is a little worn now but she has saved it and never asks for anythingelse out of it - just this castle. It was just so sweet. I have never seen a little one be like that with a toy before. So anyways of course she got it and it was the first gift she opened. This afternoon while she was taking a bath she told her Mom thank you and that it was her FAVORITE! How sweet is that!
This was the last picture of the day because I forgot to put a new battery in my camera bag. So no pix of our trip to the solar park or blowing bubbles or any of the other fun stuff.
So that was my day - I hope yours was even half as good as mine. Like I said, It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood!!!

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