Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Full House

So today we started our new family tradition of Sunday Brunch. I got up early and started making 2 different kinds of bacon, fruit salad, eggs, toast and waffles. Gary made his famous fried potatoes too! The girls and their others halves showed up at 10 and we all ate and laughed and acted silly and it was GREAT!!!! I actually used paper plates (something you never find in my house) so clean up was a breeze and didn't interfere with my time with my family. After we all ate Monkey took Lizzy back to see "HER new room". It was just so sweet watching Monkey show Liz all of her new things. Soon enough everyone was hanging out in there. Well, Gary and Darwin popped in to check out the festivities and then ended up on the couch in front of the TV.

Even our newest addition came to hang out with everyone!
Monkey has gotten a little "crush" I guess you'd call it on Lizzy's boyfriend Richard. He was very sweet and laid there in that Mary bed showing her all of the pictures of his dogs and other people he had stored on his phone.
After a while we sent Monkey back to use the bathroom (she is pretty much all trained now but still needs reminding when there is a lot going on). Pretty soon she came out and said "it no work". We weren't sure what she meant since we had all heard the potty flush? So we went to check it out. She had been unrolling the TP into the toilet and flushing and it got stopped up. This was a brand new roll when she went in there! First things first - I grabbed the camera as she explained how she had only played with the paper and not even tried to go to the bathroom! Then I snapped a few pix before clearing out the l-o-n-g strand of toilet paper stuck in my hall bath. She is just so darned cute! Even (or should I say especially) when she is being rotten!!!!
By about 2:00 Monkey' Mom said it was time to go home to take a nap. Gary and Darwin had already left to go golfing and Lizzy & Richard were on their way out too. But Monkey insisted she wanted to stay at Amma's house (that's me). We told her she could but she would have to take her nap in her new room. That was just fine with her. She still sleeps in a crib, so I was interested in seeing how this would work out. She did great! She slept for a couple of hours and never moved around and most importantly, never rolled out of bed! She just looked so sweet and so little in that big bed while she napped.
While Monkey slept her Mommy and her sister and I watched a movie. Baby Sister got a little fussy for a few minutes so I took her and danced with her. Be still my heart, the little peanut looked right at me and just smiled - like a REAL smile, not a gas or reflex smile. She just watched me and smile and melted my heart! I told Bryanna "I have to write this on my calendar - my first real smile". I write all of my special moments on my calendar - since I don't have a job or big appointments to keep track of, my calendar is just for things like this - the little moments that mean so much to me that I never want to forget them.
What is that saying. . .
"It's not the breaths you take, but the moments that take your breath away"
Nothing could be more true!
Well that is my day, I hope your Sunday was every bit as lovely as mine was!!!

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