Saturday, August 28, 2010

It Was A HIT!!!!

Monkey Loves HER new room!!!
She got to see it for the 1st time today and she was just so sweet. Gary brought her by after swimming today and so I figured I'd show it to her. I had no idea what type of response (if any) I would get from her. So I told her I had a surprise for her and took her down the hall. She was so cute - she looked in the door, looked at me and then let out the loudest squeal! She then turned to me and gave me the BIGGEST hug, said thank you Amma and then ran over to the bed, climbed up on it and started jumping up and down. It was adorable. I made Gary watch her while I ran for the camera. She played in there for about 2.5 hours only coming out to tell me her new room was "awesome" (a new word she has learned). So I guess it's a hit and she is happy. That makes me happy!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend


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