Monday, July 26, 2010

What an AMAZING Day!!!!!!!!

Mommy and baby are doing great! Everything went really well and I could not be happier! She was born just a few minutes before 1 this afternoon. She weighs 7lb 6oz and is 19 3/4" long. You would not believe how much hair she has!!!! She looks so much like Bryanna did when she was born. I have loaded a couple of photos here for you. . .

This was taken when I very first laid eyes on her (after I wiped my tears that is). She looked as though she was praying. I hope she will always know how much we prayed for her!

Here she is in Lizzy's arms

Look at how tiny her little toes are. . . this is Gary's hand here next to her teeny little foot
Thanks for the prayers friends!
Now I am off to lay down, more pix in the coming days


stringbeads said...

Congratulations, grandma Marta. London is beautiful!
Thank you jesus for blessing this sweet family with another precious miracle. Tell Brianna she did good, and Vittoria congrats on becoming the "big sister".

Eva said...

Oh Marta she is just gorgeous! How very precious. Congrats to you all and God bless everyone of you.