Sunday, October 18, 2009

Just Thought I'd Share. . .

What I did today.
My friend Judie's daughter got married today. I got to be a guest, a photographer, a designer and a "gopher". It was great fun and brought back memories of my daughter's wedding. Here are just a few of the pix I took today. . .

They didn't have a penny for the shoe - luckily I had a shinny one in my purse and found some tape in the office!

It was a HOT one today - I did not envy her in that big heavy dress! Although she was a beautiful bride and really kept her cool even when they were running so far behind while getting ready!

You just have to love a Mother/Daughter kiss on a wedding day!

This was the brides own idea - I thought it was a beautiful idea to actually lay the petals out in a design

They had the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen at a wedding! They were just stunning!
Well, it's late and I must crawl into bed. I hope you are all having a great weekend!

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Penny said...

Marta... these are outstanding!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE 'em!!!!! Glad you hear you're feeling better and off on another cool trip!! I CANNOT wait to see the beach photos!!!!! Love your new creations... as always!!
Lots of flu up here. A lot of schools are closed. Chad has it now. I pray it's over quick. This stuff is scary!!
OK... hope you update soon... I can barely wait!!! =)