Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Smokin' Good Time Today!

Today was just such a fun day for me and I just had to share. . .
Mom and I had plans to go shopping this morning at Joann's, today was the last day of their Cricut sale. I didn't get to tell you all that Mom surprised me this week with a brand new Cricut Expressions machine and some cartridges for it. WOW! What a nice mid-week surprise that was!!!! Anyhoo she wanted me to pick out a few things to go with it that I would like to have.
We didn't get to leave as early as we wanted because there had been a fatal accident just north of our community, on the ONLY way in or out of here! So we were trapped in here (or as in Lizzy's case, out of here) from 2;30am until 9:30am today! But soon enough they got the road open and we were able to leave. So we did Joann's, Costco, Home Depot and Michael's.
While we were driving along Bryanna called and they wanted to come out this evening to hang out. So we cooked out burgers and had an easy dinner. Lizzy's new "boyfriend" Addison came too. It was nice to spend a little time with him - he seems real nice.
Darwin has started getting interested in pipe smoking recently and so he brought his 2 new pipes and tobbaco with hime to try for the 1st time. Everyone else wanted to give it a try too so I broke out my Doodles old pipes and everyone helped themselves. It was so fun and I know if my Doodle could see this he would just be rolling!!!! Watching my girls and their "boys" smoke the pipes was just too funny and of course I had to get my camera out (BTW - none of these people smoke!)
So here is my family smoking new and old pipes and having a smokin' great time together!

Lizzy with one of Doodle's old pipes

Lizzy, Darwin and Bryanna - Darwin and Bryanna are smiking Darwin's 2 new pipes

The tall guy next to Liz is Addison - he is smoking one of Doodle's pipes here too

Monkey couldn't stand that I was taking pictures of the grown-ups and not here and asked me to take her picture - isn't she adorable!!!!

Monkey took this picture of her Mommy

Of course all of the smoking happened outside on the patio - which meant they all had to play darts. Gary was busy setting up the darts that's why he wasn't in the group smoking picture - he was smoking one of Doodle's pipes too.

Here are my two girls - man do I love seeing them all grown up and happy!!!!

After pipes and darts we all went inside to play board games. They stayed until about 12:45am and Monkey was wide awake the whole time too. It really was a great day!!!!

I hope your weekend is turning out wonderful too!!!!

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Eva said...

Hey Marta,

I wanted to drop in and say "Hi" as I wait for a tropical storm to hit us. We happen to be in the direct path this time. Anyway, I so enjoyed your story tonight. Monkey is getting so big, I can't believe it. She's just beautiful!
Take care my friend.