Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Just Stuff. . . . .

Nothing much going on but I thought I'd just share some random stuff with you all tonight. . .

My Little Monkey makes EVERYTHING FUN!!!! These are just a few of the many pictures I took of her last week while she was eating lunch. She has graduated from her high chair to a chair of her own at the coffee table for meals these days. But for some reason last Thursday she wanted up in her highchair. She was too stinkin' funny! She just laughed and carried on while she ate. Of course I could not resist getting some pictures. I really wish I enjoyed my lunch as much as she did hers this day!

This was some sort of crazy dance move she made up during lunch - I really wish this was video so you could get the full effect!



Those of you that know me, know I do NOT celebrate halloween at all. In Fact my daughter's are 26 & 20 and have never been allowed to trick-or-treat. So the following project is very much out of character for me. I made this little house for a silent auction this coming weekend at The Creative Quest (you local gals come in and use your Caitlin Cash and bid on it - okay) I had bought a bunch of these wooden houses at Mike's last week for $1.75!!!! I had planned on using most of them as Christmas decorations. I thought it would be a fun project for my girls and me at the holidays. Anyways when the auction thing came up I decided to practice on one before Christmas - this is the result. I actually think it turned out pretty cute even though we do not celebrate halloween at all. All in all I think it is "happy" looking and not at all "scarey" It's about 13.5" tall and 12" wide. There are 3 ghosts with googley eyes, one in each of the 3 bay windows. A bone for the door knocker on the front door and a little address plaque above the door that reads "1313" (I loved the Munsters when I was growing up - remember 1313 Mockingbird Lane???)

So this was my first ever altered house and halloween project - what do you think?

You can click on the photo to see more images and the "inside" of the house.



I have gotten really excited about making banners recently. I just love the look of them and they just make me happy. So I borrowed a friend's (thank you Susan!) die cut and cut myself out some pennants and this is the result. . .

I had sooo much fun making this! But it was really time consumming. I think I have about 30 hours of actual work time in on this. There are 6 layers of paper, one layer of chipboard (to make it sturdy, I want it to last for several years), sewing, beading, stamping, tearing, jewels and of course distress ink on each pennant. There are glimmer chip alphas that I altered to spell out "Merry Christmas" along with some great vintage Santa images. This will hang in our living room over all of our stockings this Christmas. I took the pennants with me to the store to pick out ribbons and while I was there I was asked to teach this banner as a class. I told them NO! Then I took it to The Creative Quest to show the girls and was asked to teach it again. Again I said NO! On the way home I stopped at Joann's and I took it in with me (didn't want to leave it in the hot car) and I was approached by the manager who also asked me to teach it - NO! This would be such an expensive class (probably $150) and I just don't know how we could get this all done in a class setting. Not to mention that I do not own the die that cuts out the scalloped pennants. I guess some things just can't be duplicated.

Click on the picture to see the rest of the images

MY CHRISTMAS BANNER - The Saga Continues. . .

While I was making the 1st banner I made a second set of pennants (w/out scallops and just says Noel) to put on the back so that it would be 2-sided and could hang in my arch way in the dinning room. I just didn't like how it looked 2-sided. So I ended with a whole other banner to finish off. I really do not have a place to hang this one but I hated to just pitch it, if you know what I mean? I offered it to Kathie to hang in the store during the holidays, with the understanding that I would take it back after Christmas. She said she woudl love to have it. Then the talk started. . . "How about teaching a modified version of the banner with only 4 pennants that said 'Noel'?" After a little more talk I figured out how to make this class a go. So there will be a Noel Banner class on November 14th. Be watching for the sample to show up in the store as well as the sign up sheet. This one will be limited to 10 people!

Click on the picture to see the rest of the images


That's right! And this guy is his latest conquest! Gary has no real fear of snakes, venemous or not. And whenever a rattle snake ends up on someone's doorstep out here, or on the golf course or at the model homes they call Gary to come get it. He really likes rattlers and wont kill them. I guess they know that and don't bite him. He just scoops them up into a bucket and drives them back out to the desert where they belong. Last Friday the restraunt at the golf course called Gary at dinner time. They had a rattler out on the dinning patio in the waterfall! So Gary being the good guy that he is went up there and caught it and took him back to "his home". One of the guests took some pictures of the snake for Gary and here they are. . .

If you look in the photo here you can see the people getting up to leave. I don't blame them at all! I don't know about you, but I wouldn't go near this thing! But I am glad Gary will since we had one in our very own back yard 2 weeks ago!!!! Now I watch every step I make outside - snakes, scorpions. . .what did I get myself into moving way out here?????

Well, that is all of my ramblings for tonight. I hope you all are having a great week!

See ya soon!

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Penny said...

OK... this may be "Just Stuff" to you but it's the important stuff! This is what great memories are made of... and you have captured it so well! V gets cuter each time I see her. What a very special bond you two have!

Your creations here and above are the best!! Just Beautiful, Marta!! I love seeing what you're doing. ALWAYS ALWAYS leaves me envious!!

PS. I thought I had commented on this post ages ago! Must be ol' age! lol!