Friday, January 31, 2014

I Got a BIG Surprise Last Week!!!!

That's right - a BIG, really BIG surprise!!!
I mentioned before that Lizzy got engaged at Christmas, her plans were to get married on the beach in San Diego on June 6th, 2015. Well, she started to change her mind and thought maybe she would do it in  town instead. We were all happy about that change - only because it makes the planning easier. So last Thursday her and I had an appointment at a venue to talk $$$ and as I was looking at the proposal I realized there was a typo - it said June 7th 2014. We had a little break and I asked Liz if she had noticed the mistake and she ever so calmly said to me "Oh Mom, didn't I tell you? I changed the date." this was fine with me until I counted on my fingers how many months we had to plan, execute and fund this wedding. . . 
It is only FOUR months away!!!!!

Needless to say we are in full wedding mode around here right now! I thought I'd show you some of projects and messes tonight. . . 

Liz wanted handmade fabric flowers for her wedding similar to these here. I told her I could make them for her and use some of the satin and lace from my mother's and my wedding dresses. Of course when I said this I thought I had a year to make 6 bouquets! so my dinning room table is full of foil pans filled with fabric petals to make the bouquets. I have almost all of cut now and even have a few flowers in different stages of doneness (is that a word?) you can see some of that mess below. 

 I have even taken over the kitchen counter work on the flowers. . .

These are the different types of flowers we settled on - I made about 12 different styles of flowers out of scraps of fabric I already had and Liz picked the ones she liked best for her bouquets.

This is the Ranunculus 
It is made out of an ivory and taupe satin and will eventually have some lace from my wedding dress and some pearls in the center (as well as a stem) To get the curly edges you need to use a lighter. My thumb is already killing me!
 This is the pan with all of the cut outs waiting to be torched and put together. The peachy flower in the pan is just my sample I made for Liz. 

 I don't know what type of flower this would be in nature - but we are calling it the curly satin flower around here.  Obviously by the name it is made out of ivory satin with just a single large pearl in the center. Lizzy's will have a pale pink pearl in the center. 

 Look at this -
 I got 23 out of the 30 done last night!!! 

 Another fancy name for this one - we are calling it the star flower. This one is made out of my Mom's weeding dress and the button center is off of the sleeves of her dress. 
 The bride's maids and the toss bouquets will have satin flowers and store bought buttons. Only Liz's bouquet will have the ones made from Mom's dress. 

This one has been named the carnation and is a simple tulle and muslin flower with some pearls in the center. This is a super easy one to make - I just need to get the circles cut. It takes 10 muslin and 9 tulle circles to make this one. Cutting those circles takes a long time. Thankfully Liz has come over twice to help cut. 
 As you can see I only have a few cut so far. 

 Lastly we have the ever popular burlap roses.
These are also quite easy to do - I got 20 of them done today!

 I was so glad that Lizzy was willing to cut all of these stripes of burlap for me the other night! I still need a few more - maybe tomorrow night when she stops by. . . .

Liz is doing a shabby chic, burlap & lace themed wedding so I have a huge bolt of burlap sitting in my dinning room, mason jars of all sizes and colors stashed where ever we can find a home for them. When I finish with the flowers I will be making burlap table runners and wrapping the lids of the jars with jute twine. I am also making the guest book out of . . . you guessed it, burlap & lace and a couple handmade flowers. 
 Also in my closet is a wedding dress and a Mother-of-the-Bride dress. Yeppers, we have them already. Liz picked hers out and ordered it the day after Christmas. And I just found and purchased mine last night.
 This was not the dress I originally planned to buy but I saw it and tried it on and the girls just loved it. Sadly it only came in black - but Liz was okay with me wearing black. My camera was having fits so it is hard to see it but it is all lace overlay with sequins from the waist down and satin from the waist up. 
 I gotta get a tan before June!!!
 This my Monkey in the dress we ordered for her last night - I couldn't get a picture of bug in hers or the girls in their bride's maid dresses. 
So just when I said I was committed to being more regular with my blog I ended up being gone for 10 days. Hang in there with me - I will try to be around and share some of the stories, projects and messes that I encounter over the next four months!

Till we meet again. . . 

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