Sunday, November 3, 2013

Rusty Gold Celebration

I will officially be a piece of "rusty gold" this Tuesday! What does that mean you ask? I am turning 50 years old! But since everyone has school or work to deal with during the week my family made today the day to celebrate. For the past few months they all asked what I wanted to do to celebrate my "big b-day" and all I could come up was to spend time with them and maybe play some board games. And that is what we did. 

My Bug and my Liz

We had Chick-fil-A (a family fav) for dinner

And then during dinner the Brass Armadillo (an antique mall) came up and next thing I knew all of us but Monkey, Bug and my Mom were loaded up in Bryanna's car and on our way for a treasure hunt!
 Gary & Richard
 Darwin, Bryanna & Liz

After we paid for our treasures I had the clerk take a quick picture of us all. 
 Once back at the house it was game time - Monkey got to pick the game. So we all plaid Disney headbands. Have you played it? It is fun but a little hard if you are not up on your Disney movies!
 Doesn't everyone look adorable with their Mickey Ear Headbands on?

 Even my Mom plaid - although she didn't follow the rules!
 Next was homemade cherry pie - YUM! This is my favorite so I made my own birthday dessert this year. But Bryanna was sure to pick up the big number candles to put on top. 
 I enlisted the help of my granddaughters when it was time to blow out the candles. 

 Here are my treasures I got while we were at the Brass Armadillo - a couple rusty old locks, some rusty pulleys, a set of S&P shakers, mini pie tins and a great selection of clock numerals. 

This was an unusual find - I found this Hebrew alphabet in with the clock numerals and I just had to have them!
 Back at home Gary had a dozen red roses waiting for me
 And Liz & Richard got me these way cool Steampunk Mickey Mouse ear ornaments while they were in Disneyland last week. They are just so fun!
 So that was my evening - a wonderful time spent with my family! 

But my day started off with another treasure hunt! My Mom and Bryanna & Darwin had given me spending money to use gathering treasures at the Goodwill 50% off sale today. And here are my prized finds. . . 
Several wooden picture frames, a couple wooden clock cases and jewelry boxes. Some vintage roller skates, several wooden shoe stretchers, some metal and silver trays. Several brass and wooden numbers and three china dolls (that I will be "parting out" and using in some art). Six candle sticks, a bag of nuts and bolts, an old alarm clock and so much more!

Here are my favorite treasures from the day - 2 bronze hands (they are so heavy)! I just can't wait to get in my studio to play!!! So be on the look out for some or all of these things to show up in my creations. 

So that was my day - it was wonderful and I felt so loved by all of them - that was truly the best gift of all!
I hope your weekend was as grand!
till we meet again. . . 

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