Monday, November 19, 2012

How Was YOUR Weekend?

I had a great weekend - a little busy, but fun.
Friday I taught my MM Friday's With Marta Class. This month we made the Santa's Magic Key canvas. They all turned out so great - Good Job Ladies!
I always bring M&M's to class with me on Fridays and this time I got a little carried away and made these little cornucopias to hold the M&M's. The ladies seemed to like them and they just looked a little more festive than just a fun sized pack on the table.
 Last night I finished up the girls' Christmas skirts (just in time to go see Santa tomorrow).
 The one above is Bug's little skirt with matching panties
And the one below is Monkey's with the Cinderella swoops and bows.
 Our Christmas tree finally bit the dust and we had to buy a new one this year. I had a hard time finding a "fat" tree this year, they are all so skinning now. But anyhoo, I finally got a tree and got a good deal on it. Saturday I got it all set up so the family can decorate it after dinner on Thursday. I also hung my new stockings that I made - they just look so pretty!
 I even got some gifts wrapped! I am done with my shopping except for Gary (YIPPEE) and I had no place to hide the Girls' gifts so that they would not see them on Thursday so I had to start wrapping!
There's TONS to get done this week before Thanksgiving but I just wanted to pop in and say hi before the mayhem begins! I wish you all a blessed week with good food, good friends, healthy family and lots and lots i things to be thankful for!!!!
Till we meet again. . .

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