Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I'mmmmmm Baaaack. . .

That's right - I am back from our impromtu vacation. I must say this is probably one of the best and most relaxing trips I have ever taken. It was so wonderful that we even stayed an extra day. I wanted to share a few photos from our trip with you. I did these collages for my trip journal. A few weeks ago I taught a class called "What I Did on My Summer Vacation" and I took my sample with me on this trip and each night after Gary went to sleep I added allof our goodies from the day to it and wrote in the journal portion. So when I got home I had an almost finished scrapbook our trip. All I needed to do was add the photos we took. I decided to make collages for each day and then one of the hotel we stayed at. I will pick up my prints on Thursday and then my book will be complete. If you are going to be at my Christmas in July class on Saturday I will have the finished book with me if you want to see it.


Thursday Morning
Thursday Continued


Friday Continued

Saturday Morning

Saturday Continued


Our Hotel

So anyways - it is good to be home but there is so much to get done before I leave again in 2 weeks. Have a great week friends!


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